Achtung! Get on the Map!

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2021-11-19)

We like mapping things. In the past we’ve mapped where people picked up the numbered booklets that were given out with “Red Hill Mining Town“ on Record Store Day. We looked at the numbered box sets for Songs of Experience and where they ended up. And we also looked at the 40th anniversary edition of “Three“ and where it ended up.

We’d like to track your purchase of the new 30th anniversary edition of Achtung Baby too! It will take us a day or two to build the map, but we would like to start collecting the data today. If you haven’t picked one up, or are having trouble finding it, check out any of the Universal Records shops online. Many are still showing copies. (Including associated sites like Music Vaultz, UDiscover, The Sound of Vinyl, Platenzaak, etc. – all Universal Music associated sites.) It’s also still listed on U2.Com. It appears that it has not been well distributed in stores outside of the UK, but many are still expecting orders.

For those of you who have gotten one, or have one on the way?! Please let us know the following about your new coloured vinyl:

  • Your name you want us to use. We’d prefer a user name that’s all one word. If you give us your full name, we’ll shorten it like AaronSams for the listing. These will be displayed on the map, so if you wish to remain Anonymous, please make one up!
  • We want to know the number on your set. This is the four digit number printed on the back of the outer red sleeve, toward the bottom of the trabant on the back cover.
  • We’d also like to know the UPC number of your record please. We won’t post this but it will allow us to look at the data in a couple of different ways. Please send it to us as written and include the smaller number at the start and end, i.e. 6 02438 68634 6. This is the number in the window of the trabant on the back of the red outer sleeve.
  • Finally we need the city you plan on keeping the record in long term. And your country. If you think we’ll have trouble finding you with that information, feel free to send us more.
  • Sorry we aren’t tracking the black vinyl version as it’s not numbered.

My own would look something like this…

AaronSams, 4221, 6 02438 68634 6, Dartmouth, Canada

How do you send it in?

We can accept direct messages on Facebook and on Twitter. If you aren’t following us there already why not? But I’m also happy to accept emails at but please use the subject line Achtung Map. I will try to send a notification that I have recieved your submission. If you bought multiple copies please use a new line for each if you can!

If you prefer to post it publically, make sure you get the information above into your tweet and add in #U2Achtung30 and we’ll look for them to pop up!

The maps are manually updated, and we will update them more frequently at first than we will as time goes on. It does require two of us to find time to work on the data so there can be delays. Apolgies in advance for anyone we might miss, or have missed in the past. We’ll update them for two months or so until we consider them closed. Unfortunately we cannot accept more information for the maps shared above. But in the near future we’ll look at opening those back up.

We’ll reveal the location to view the new map when it’s ready! Expect it in the next day or two.

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