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Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2020-10-23)

First up, U2’s released two new tracks from the 20th anniversary release of All That You Can’t Leave Behind to digital storefronts and streaming services today. You can now listen to “Elevation” and “Kite” live from the Boston performance that is being included in the box set. These have been newly remastered under the direction of The Edge for this new release. The physical set will be out next Friday. More information about the release can be found in our earlier news story, or in our discography entry.

To promote the album, Adam Clayton appeared on Virgin Radio this morning with Chris Evans. He spoke about addiction, the new release, the return of vinyl and more. We have a few of the highlights below:

  • He mentions how the whole band were his strength as he put his life together after recovery.
  • The Edge was the member of the band he singled out as being amazing during his recovery from addiction. “Edge is kind of amazing, many people would say he doesn’t push himself to the front or say very much, but he’s a very supportive loyal character.”
  • He confirms that Larry formed the band, and could fire him. And then laughs heartily.
  • Adam mentions he’s recently been reintroduced to All That You Can’t Leave Behind and enjoying songs like “Wild Honey” and “In a Little While”
  • He mentioned he’s probably heard “Beautiful Day” one time too many at this point in his career.
  • Adam points out that the album was the midpoint of U2’s career with Boy celebrating a 40th anniversary this year.
  • Some of the memories that Adam ties to the making of the album and the tour that followed including September 11, the death of Michael Hutchence, and the Irish Peace process.
  • He speaks about “Kite” written by Bono thinking about his young children, and his dying father. Adam finds himself in Bono’s footsteps twenty years later, being the band member with a young child, and the only band member with a father who is still alive.
  • “Levitate” is mentioned as an unfinished song, as is the original version of “Beautiful Day”
  • Adam mentions the box is going to be super heavy and hard to get home from the vinyl shop. He speaks about the surprise of finding a brand new vinyl shop in Dublin recently and that vinyl is back.
  • Adam listens to his vinyl at his home in Dublin, which is where all his records are. He tends to pull out albums like the New Moon album by the Neville Brothers, and Irish records by De Dannan and Clannad. He loves the ritual of vinyl and dropping the needle on vinyl.
  • Adam confirms that the band splits things four ways, and it has helped the longevity of the band.
  • On whether or not the band has gotten better over time, “I think the narrative has been distorted by the very young, in i think you get better as a band the longer you stay together the longer you stay playing. You become much more confident about your own abilities or limitations depending on how you look at it. We row much less. Our rehearsals were one big fight. You have to go through that. We each know what we do, we respect each other, and it’s a lot more fun, and we finish earlier. It’s great!”

You can listen back for a limited time here.

Adam Clayton will also be appearing on radio on the morning of October 31, 2000. He will be appearing on the Dermot O’Leary Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2 which is a show that airs between 8-10am in the UK.

Pat Carty, from Hot Press also made a media appearance this morning to discuss U2’s 40th anniversary of Boy. He appeared on Q102 with Nicola Bardon and Liam Coburn this morning to discuss the album, as well as the new Hot Press 80:00:20 special issue which can be bought via Hot Press. The radio appearance can be heard here.

Steve Lillywhite, producer of Boy also spoke about the album with RTE yesterday. That conversation can be heard here.

Many thanks to Linda and Kamal for their assistance with this article.

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