Adam Clayton Interviewed About Francis Bacon Documentary

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2022-12-11)

Adam Clayton is being featured this week in a documentary on RTÉ 1, called Francis Bacon, The Outsider. The program celebrates the 30th anniversary of the death of the Irish-born artist, Francis Bacon. The show is presented and narrated by Adam Clayton.

Of the documentary Adam Clayton shares, “I connected with Bacon when I was in my teens, maybe because he was born in Ireland, it somehow resonated with me…he was an artist who with a few brushstrokes could bring you right to the edge of chaos.”

The documentary is directed and produced by Karen McGrath, of Mount Venus Productions. Music for the documentary is being written and produced by Gavin Friday with Michael Heffernan.

Ahead of the show airing on RTÉ, Adam Clayton is interviewed today in the Irish Independent newspaper.

Asked in the interview about the possibility of U2 having to tour without Larry Mullen because of recent comments Larry made in the press, Adam shares, “It’s very hard to face, if it were something we had to face, I imagine you would do what needs to be done, but it wouldn’t be a decision we would take easily or comfortably. But I don’t think that’s the decision we are facing at the moment.” Adam also shares, “I think Larry has some significant injuries from a repetitive motion – something that drummers are susceptible to, and sportspeople – so I think he wants to mind himself and take some advice and find out what’s the best thing to do.” In an interview in advance of the Kennedy Center Honors, Mullen made it clear that U2 may have to tour without him in 2023 if a tour was planned. Clayton’s comments seem to suggest that whatever plans are in the future for U2, they haven’t had to face a decision at this point.

The interview is a lengthy one, which discusses the Ireland of the past when Adam Clayton was growing up, the recent Kennedy Center Honors, and his experience of missing a show with U2 in 1993, which he calls “the worst moment in my life”, sharing “somebody was watching over me – and definitely Larry, Bono, Edge and Paul McGuinness at the time, were there,” and he makes it clear that U2 is not just a band, it’s about friendships.

Clayton is also expected to drop by RTÉ radio this week on RTÉ Arena to further discuss the documentary.

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