Adam Discusses Las Vegas

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2023-02-28)

As part of a 40th anniversary special celebrating War Adam Clayton was interviewed by Jenny Huston on the band’s own U2 X-Radio station on SiriusXM. Early in the conversation Adam spoke about Las Vegas, and said it was really his first opportunity to talk about the upcoming performances there since things have been announced. He said the band were playing these shows to take advantage of the technology in the Sphere venue, and not necessarily because they wanted to play Las Vegas itself.

Adam shared “We’re playing the Sphere, we’re not necessarily playing Las Vegas. And the technology of the sphere was something we really wanted to do. That’s why we’re excited about it, and we’re not going to Las Vegas to go out to pasture.”

He also spoke about Larry Mullen not being able to make the shows. “Larry has been managing some health issues since we finished the last show in 2019. So it was very much his decision to sit this out. He’s welcomed Bram in, as we have who will be the new drummer, kind of sitting in for him. We’re all very resolved and happy about this and excited about being able to do these Achtung Baby shows coming up.”

Adam said it will be particularly hard for him to not have Larry at the shows, “I’m a little bit nervous as well. I feel in our band, we’ve got two marriages, we got Edge and Bono, and Larry and myself. I very much see myself as the woman in the relationship. Larry is my husband, I think. It’s going to be tough settling in with someone new. We’ll do the best that we can.”

Asked about the upcoming plans for the venue in Las Vegas, the Sphere, Adam shared, “We’re really excited by that because when the Achtung Baby anniversary came around we went ‘aaaaah, no!’ we can’t can’t go out and do Zoo TV again. We’d done it! That audio visual thing! But then this sphere thing – when it showed up…‘ah maybe we could’. Maybe we could get in there and fiddle with their technology and come up with something interesting. We are excited! It’s not even built yet, but once it is built we’ll get in there and come up with a show that will be mind blowing.”

We’ll have more information about the full special on the War album after it airs. The special aired again tonight at 7pm ET, and should be available on demand later in the week, but has been edited and does not contain the full interview as aired this morning.

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