Alice Cooper Talks Larry Mullen Jr.

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2017-06-28)

In advance of Alice Cooper’s new album, Paranormal being released in July, U2Songs.Com had the opportunity to ask Cooper a question as part of a webchat hosted by The Guardian.

Aaron: What were the highlights of working with a drummer like Larry Mullen? Did he help develop the songs or was it more a “here play this” type arrangement? How many days did you work with Mullen?

Alice Cooper: I never had a drummer ever ask me to see the lyrics before. It’s just something drummers don’t do. He says – I interpret the lyrics, I don’t just work on the bottom of the song. I thought that was a great idea. A lot of the time he doesn’t do what a normal drummer would do. He doesn’t do snare, hi-hat, but he goes snare, tom tom and instead of this “chk” it had a “boom” and turned the song into something else. Working with a drummer who was artistically involved in the lyrics of the song was really cool, and it gave the album a whole different flavour. The fact he worked on this album, all the way through it, totally changed the face of it. It was really fun working with him. He had fun listening, because the songs go all over the place, and he somehow glued it all together.

Larry Mullen will feature on the first 10 tracks of Paranormal when it is released in July. A single, “Paranoiac Personality” is available now at digital outlets. Below are the links to our discography entries for both.

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