Another Day, Another Leak

Original story by Aaron J. Sams (2016-09-12)

On Sunday, The Edge’s wife Morleigh posted a short video to Instagram featuring a cat with fur blowing in the breeze. But that wasn’t enough to get fans of U2 excited. But the short clip also featured some music that fans instantly recognized as U2, and as something they had not heard before, and that got some excitement going.

In the background of the video is eight seconds of audio, which starts with a female voice fading, and then Bono coming in to sing “Love, love is all we have left.” The song is a slow one from the eight seconds that were shared. The video on Instagram disappeared quickly replaced by a version of the video, with the audio removed. Like the earlier leaks of clips from the beach in France, and the Kygo remixed “You’re The Best Thing (About Me),” Universal is pursuing action to have these clips removed from the internet as they show up.

The song title “Love Is All We Have Left” is a song that Bono identified as having written during his May 2006 trip to Africa ( It was again mentioned in the Sunday Mirror in July 2008 as one of the possible tracks for inclusion on No Line on the Horizon. The song has been around for a while, and Morleigh would have access to older unreleased material as well, so it could be an older demo, or it could actually be from a forthcoming album.

As for who that female voice heard in the track may be? We suspect this may be one of the songs that U2 worked on with Angel Deradoorian. Deradoorian recorded with U2 and Danger Mouse during the sessions for Songs of Innocence, and she can be heard on “Ordinary Love” as well as the version of “The Troubles” released on the deluxe version of Songs of Innocence.

In an interview with Double J in Australia, Deradoorian speaks about recording with U2:

“I was in New York and I got a call from Patrick Carney, who has worked quite a bit with Danger Mouse. I took a break while I was rehearsing to take the call and he said ‘Hey, do you want to sing for Danger Mouse?’ and I was like ‘Sure, cool, what’s the project?’ ‘It’s for U2.’ How often does that kind of thing happen to a person?

“I went into the studio there, they were recording at Electric Lady in New York. I did a couple of sessions with them, I recorded on four songs but only one song came out on the album. The other I sang on was in the Nelson Mandela movie, who I have the same birthday as, so I thought that was really cool.

“I met The Edge. He was such a sweet guy, a very warm and sincere person.”

We don’t know for sure it’s Deradoorian, it’s such a short clip it’s hard to be sure of anything. But of the four songs she worked on with U2, we only know of “Ordinary Love” and the alternate version of “The Troubles” that feature her vocals, leaving two songs unaccounted.

As for links to the eight seconds of music from Instagram? Sorry we cannot help you. Over a month ago Universal blocked the fan site U2ITNOL2U on Facebook for sharing of the beach clips of “You’re The Best Thing (About Me)” and at this time that is still unresolved. They are also actively removing any content shared with as yet unreleased U2 tracks that could potentially be from a new album.

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