Another Time, Another Place

Original story by Aaron J. Sams (2015-08-25)

This year’s gift from the fan club at is a 2×10” vinyl called “Another Time, Another Place.” The vinyl started appearing in subscribers mailboxes at the end of July. In the four weeks that have passed since that time, many report getting their vinyl, and yesterday sent out an email announcing that the last of these vinyl have been sent.

We wanted to look at how many people have actually received the vinyl. We posed the question on twitter, facebook – are you expecting a copy? Have you received your copy? What country do you live in.

Currently we have had 160 responses. Out of those responses 57% of people worldwide reported they had received their vinyl at this time. Breaking this down by country this is a list of how many respondents in each country have received their vinyl based on current replies:

Argentina: 67% received (3 response)
Australia: 20% received (5 responses)
Belgium: 67% received (3 responses)
Brazil: 75% received (4 responses)
Canada: 36% received (22 responses)
Denmark: 0% received (2 responses)
France: 100% received (2 response)
Germany: 100% received (2 responses)
Greece: 50% received (2 responses)
Italy: 50% received (2 responses)
Ireland: 86% received (7 responses)
Israel: 100% received (1 response)
Mexico: 0% received (2 responses)
Netherlands: 43% received (7 responses)
New Zealand: 100% received (1 response)
Spain: 50% received (4 responses)
UK: 69% received (13 responses)
USA: 62% received (78 responses)

If you have not yet replied, you can send us a note using twitter at .

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