Another Time, Another Place Arriving in Mailboxes

Original story ( by Aaron J. Sams (2015-08-05)

Well it’s true, copies of the fan club album, “Another Time, Another Place” have started to arrive in peoples mailboxes. Many have reported they are getting a shipment notification before receiving the actual vinyl. Others say they got the vinyl without any notification.

Here are some observations shared with us from readers:

•The date of these tracks is listed as September 29, 1980 on the back sleeve of the vinyl.
•The final track is a spoken word piece by Bono, speaking about these early shows at the Marquee club. This takes up the entire B-Side of the second vinyl.
•The Packaging is really flimsy. They packed this vinyl in a thin cardboard envelope and there are reports that many copies are arriving with the sleeve bent / damaged. Live Nation in the past has been quick to fix any such issues, so please contact them if you have issues.
•There is no coupon inside the package for a download, but a letter is contained that suggests the whole thing will be downloadable in electronic form. To date has not made the whole thing available, and at this time it is not clear when they will do this. Three tracks are currently available by going to your Profile page at if you are a paid subscriber.
•Some people concerned they haven’t received shipping notification have contacted Live Nation. At least two have been told that the demand for this product was unexpected and that the item is currently back ordered. I’m sure this is in error, as most of us probably ordered last fall when our subscriptions ran out. I have called and was told that not everyone is receiving shipping notifications, and that yes all orders were being filled at this time, that it would take some time to get all copies into the mail.
•Some copies have shipped to older addresses. If you have moved since you have subscribed, please make sure that your address is up to date. It may be too late to update if your copy has already been sent.
•Our staff member Slaneman has this to say in our forum: “I like the sound of this recording. You should turn it up loud and just be amazed how good the playing is. I’ve listened to untold hours of early U2 shows but nothing that sounds like this. I don’t blame Bono a bit for some chest thumping on the side 4 narrative. They rip the tempos to shreds.”

The Letter included in the Packaging

Back of Sleeve with Confirmation of Date

The Full Set

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