Auckland Day Six: No Song Spoilers

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2019-11-07)

The band did work early in the day at the venue, but no new songs were reported to have been heard. Yesterday’s full rehearsal seems to have been the final full rehearsal for the show as we had previously shared. For those wishing to know more about what has been rehearsed over the last seven days, we have links to our rehearsal reports in the links at the bottom of the page. U2 did full show rehearsals on Day Three and Day Five, and did smaller rehearsals on other days.

The band were done early in the day, and it was Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds who were at the stadium yesterday to rehearse and sound check. They will open the show tomorrow in Auckland, and are opening all of the shows on the New Zealand and Australian portion of this tour. Gallagher is reported to have cancelled several planned press appearances today, to rest his voice for the concerts.

Although in recent years a fan based numbering system which allowed fans to not stay at the venue has been in place at many shows, that system is no longer in place for the Auckland shows. At three pm a hard line for the show formed, and the venue has given permission for camping out overnight to take place. We are told that checks are being done every two hours to ensure people who say they are in line are actually in line. The venue will be giving out wristbands in the morning at 8:00. Once these numbered wristbands have been given out people will be free to leave the queue for a few hours before being asked to reassemble at the venue at 1pm. The same will happen for the second show with fans getting into a hard line after the first show in Auckland.

Doors are scheduled to open at 3pm for the show. Detailed information about what is and isn’t allowed, the GA procedures, and other items related to the show are available on the Auckland Stadiums website. U2 is expected to take the stage around 8:30. Not sure what time that is in your own time zone? Harry developed a converter which allows you to look up that information not only for the shows in Auckland, but also for all other shows.

For those who are trying to avoid spoilers, we do have to mention that our own spoiler policy changes once the show begins. We will be posting coverage of the show without spoiler tags going forward. We use the spoilers for information that isn’t widely known in advance such as rehearsals and rumours, but we do not use them for shows. The exception will be if we find out about any surprises expected in a show in advance, and if so we’ll try to include the spoiler tags, but also will often write any song titles in “esrever” (reverse) to avoid any accidental spoilage when glancing at a post.

It’s been nearly a year since U2’s last concert. It’s been two since they have performed on this stage. We hope all of those in attendance have a great show tonight.

Other Rehearsal Updates:

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