Best Of #1 Album of All Time in Ireland

Freeserve Entertainment News (1998-11-08)

Irish supergroup U2 has earned the accolade of producing the country’s fastest-selling album ever.

The band’s collection of greatest hits went straight to No 1 in the country’s album chart, outselling nearest rival Alanis Morrisette by 11-to-one, said publicist Lindsey Holmes.

She said 135,000 copies of U2: The Best Of 1980 – 1990 had been distributed to record shops around Ireland, and six days after release they were selling out rapidly.

“Shops throughout the country are astounded at the quantity and the speed with which the album is selling, people are buying two and three copies at a time, which is almost unheard of,” she said.

The collection went on sale on Monday as a limited edition CD pack, featuring 15 of the band’s B-sides from the 1980s along with the main album.

From November 9, only the single CD of 14 greatest hits will be distributed to the shops. “One shop even mentioned the possibility of rationing the album to one copy per person due to the restricted availability of the album,” said Ms Holmes.

U2 remains Ireland’s most successful rock group ever with album sales topping more than 75 million over a 20-year period.

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