Blitz Working on U2 App.

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2016-10-14)

Thanks to Shawn Rocco we can bring you news of an App that is being developed by a media company called Blitz, for U2.

The website for Blitz has been updated to read:

U2 asked BLITZ to create a flagship tablet experience for fans that was powerful enough to bring over three decades of music to life. BLITZ worked with an extensive assemblage of archivists, tour managers, designers, band managers, management, publishers, labels, creative collaborators, and even the band itself to develop a music-driven community of fans with exclusive access to a comprehensive history of the biggest rock band of its generation. The app drives paid subscription revenue streams as well as iTunes sales via “complete my album” and exclusive volt content features.

The information on their site also includes a video, and a further video could be found on their Vimeo account. As of October 21, 2016, both are now unavailable, and Blitz has removed any mention of U2 from their website. The videos were posted October 13, 2016 and three weeks before that.

The company Blitz was mentioned by the LA Times in an article about digital media on July 8, 2012:

Blitz also created an “augmented reality music video” to promote a new album from singer-songwriter John Mayer. The 3-D video resembled a children’s pop-up book, with Mayer morphing into a guitar-playing, computer-animated character in a video game world.

Blitz currently is working on a digital application for the Irish rock band U2.

“Digital today, in almost every way, is woven into the fabric of how we communicate with others,” said Ivan Todorov, chief executive of Blitz. “Brands and savvy marketers recognize that they need a digital presence.”

The 10-year-old Blitz has been on a hiring binge, snapping up prominent executives from established ad agencies to round out its roster of more than 100 online ad experts. Revenue last year exceeded $16 million.

From the information in the video and on the site, it appears the app will include the ability to buy U2 content from iTunes, which may include bonus content such as video, and the ability to complete previously purchased partial albums. The app also allows one to view a “This day in History” section from the news feed, and a detailed tour section which appears to allow users to search detail of previous live shows including a map feature and a show by show archive of dates. Also spotted is a lyrics archive, and something called “Tour Feeds” which include Willie’s Diaries.

Also of note is the screen grab which lists the user, and the note below that the user is a “Premium member” or a “VIP”.

The Blitz website also presents a number of still images from the app:

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