Bono and Edge Celebrate Paul Muldoon

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2022-12-28)

Tonight, the documentary Paul Muldoon: Laoithe’s Liricí aired on TG4 in Ireland. The documentary, directed by Alan Gilsenan, features a spotlight on the Irish poet Paul Muldoon, and features footage of many performers reading or performing his poems. The film is described as “A feature length documentary on the poet Paul Muldoon in which key moments in his creative life, which began with him writing poems in Irish, are explored by many of the musicians he has worked with in words specially written by him including Paul Simon, Liam Neeson, PJ Harvey, Bono, Ruth Negga, Paul Brady, and Iarla O’Lionáird. His work from being a young radio producer in Belfast to Professor of Poetry in Princeton University, New Jersey is reflected in the range of friends and acquaintances who participate in the telling of Muldoon’s life and his playful and allusive poetry.”

Near the end of the film, Bono appears on screen. He fumbles with his iPhone, saying “I need to dial up the Edge, here in my pocket, we live in each other’s pockets”, putting a phone into his pocket as an instrumental piece by The Edge plays. Bono continues to read the lyrics of Muldoon’s “All Time High” over the music, and toward the end sings a bit of the poetry, while on screen we see him sit with eyes closed, before joining in at the end.

It was Paul Muldoon who Bono sat with in Finnegan’s earlier this year, when giving his first public reading from Surrender.

The film, Paul Muldoon: Laoithe’s Liricí (A Life in Lyrics) made its debut at various film festivals last month, and had a run time of 75 minutes. The film will show at the Mostly British Film Festival 2023 which runs from February 9-16 in San Francisco (Feb 12, 5pm). It will also show at the Out to Lunch Festival 2023, on January 24, 2023 at 6pm, at the Queen’s Film Theatre in Belfast. The trailer for the film is located below.

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