Bono Contributes song to Citizen Penn Documentary

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2021-05-12)

Bono has contributed music to a new documentary, Citizen Penn which debuted on Discovery Plus this month. The song, used over the end titles of the documentary is called “Eden: To Find Love” and is written by Linda Perry and Bono, and is performed by Bono.

NOTE: Song Audio via YouTube

The documentary debuted on Discovery Plus on May 6, and follows Sean Penn, founder of CORE, and the humanitarian efforts and challenges after the Haiti earthquake in 2010. The documentary is directed by Don Hardy, and runs 1 hour and 33 minutes. The documentary picks up from the time that Penn and his team landed in Haiti after the earthquake and follows them over ten years. The score of the documentary is by Linda Perry, and Bono contributes only to the final song over the end credits. Perry is known as the frontwoman for the band 4 Non Blondes. Bono is joined on backing vocals by Jordan and Elijah Hewson, his children.

The song was originally announced in 2020 when the film was planned for release at the Tribeca Film Festival. The film was later delayed by COVID-19, and has since moved to a debut on the Discovery Plus service.

A trailer for the film can be found here:

VIDEO: Trailer for Citizen Penn

A rough stab at the lyrics follows

Eden: To Find Love
Lyrics: Linda Perry and Bono
From the documentary Citizen Penn

It’s part of the attraction, you wanna be destroyed
I’m the spirit on the water, you are the farmer’s boy
When I heard your voice at first I was annoyed
You woke me

From the beginning of time you had so little grace
After a while not a freckle on your face
I was looking for a rhyme in time and space
And you broke me

You were walking around naked with your pants not on
At the gates of Eden with no sins to pardon
It was Adam not Eve that threw God out of the garden
You roped me

Lets not get too clever with this stuff
Why are you ready to give up?

To find love
To find love
To find love
To find love

When you’re climbing from the wreckage of a burnt out star
Any old neon looks like the Carlton bar
Asked where was I going, I answered how far you wanna go?

American male
Interior night
The cigarette smoker’s going to find his light
If you repeat it often enough the wrong looks right
But deep down you know
The smooth will make excuses for the rough
You know it shouldn’t be this tough.

To find love
To find love
To find love
To find love

Tell the oceans
Tell the sun
Tell the weatherman
Tell everyone

All the mighty junkies are running out of veins
If you are one of them yourself you’ve got no one else to blame
You don’t need anymore than you had except the shame of feeling torn

Between the hungry and the greedy
The honey and the needy
If you wanted you could see me
When ?? to free me
Slaves have grown accustomed to the weight of your chains
And your head shorn.

Your eyes will find the silence
Inside the hurricane
You know you must do something other than complain

Break from all the rookies and not fall into pain
Maybe you are being born
Out of the ash of the dust
The clever learn who not to trust
the genius of belief is that we must
Take a chance or time’s on us

To find love
To find love
To find love
To find love
To find love Love-ove
To find love Love-ove-ove
To find love Love-ove
To find love.

Many thanks to Pentaguam and Andrew Ja for the heads up on this release.

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