Bono discusses Corbijn’s “Heartland” in newest issue of Q Magazine

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2020-06-27)

The next issue of Q Magazine, coming out next week, was expected to be the final issue to the magazine. At the time it was being edited it was thought that the magazine wouldn’t survive, and the whole issue was meant to be a wrap up. The magazine however has dodged cancellation (for now) and that issue will be out next week, but will no longer be the final issue. Q Magazine chose to give the final word in the magazine to Bono, running a new interview with him, where they ask him about several “lasts”. And in that interview he reveals some interesting information about Anton Corbijn’s forthcoming film Heartland which documents The Joshua Tree Tour 2017.

Q Magazine: “When was the last time you went to Joshua Tree?”

Bono: “A couple of years ago we filmed a piece with Anton Corbijn for his film Heartland and we played U2’s song “Heartland” for the very first time at the foot of one of the great yuccas.”

Rumours suggested that the film, documenting The Joshua Tree anniversary tour, would be released this month. With theatres shut down globally, it is currently not scheduled, although we are told the plan is to still release it as a film. Nice to have a name and some additional details. Anton Corbijn was with the band in the California desert in 2018, and it was during that same trip that the photograph used for promotion of the 2019 leg of The Joshua Tree Tour was shot by Ross Andrew Stewart. The photograph featured the band walking in the desert with their instruments. They were also joined on that trip by cinematographer, Hoyte Van Hoytema. In response to a question from at a Question and Answer session in December 2018, Corbijn described the film as “It’s a concert film with bits at the front and bits at the back that are different.”

“Heartland” was developed during the sessions for The Joshua Tree but not released until Rattle and Hum. Corbijn also filmed the band performing two other songs developed during the work on The Joshua Tree, with both “The Sweetest Thing” and “Spanish Eyes” being performed live in concert in Mexico City at the shows which Corbijn filmed.

In the interview with Q Magazine Bono also talks about the joys of videoconferencing on Zoom with cocktails, pocket-dialing Matt Damon, the last time he was called Paul, the last time he asked someone for a picture, and the last time he laughed until he cried. (“With my kids.”) He also tells the magazine he’s going to miss it. (Wouldn’t we all if it goes away?)

The new issue of Q Magazine will be out next week on newsstands in the UK. The magazine also features a great photo of Bono and Elton John taken in 2004 as part of the “Freeze Frame” section, and a story by writer Tom Doyle in which he discusses a Q Magazine story where he traveled with U2 to Manhattan, interviewing them a few days after they finished recording Pop. Please take the time to buy the issue if you are interested in the article. The magazine has come close to ending, and any support at this time would likely help the magazine continue.

Many thanks to Alan Ivory for sharing this information with us. More information about the expected Joshua Tree film and other expected releases can be found in our Upcoming Releases page.

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