Bono to Appear on Kirk Franklin Album

Allstar (1998-03-12)

U2 frontman Bono will be making a guest appearance on an upcoming
album by R&B/gospel artist Kirk Franklin, according to MJI Broadcasting.
The album is said to be a Franklin solo project, but will feature
members of his other projects, God’s Property from Kirk Franklin’s Nu
Nation and Kirk Franklin & the Family.

Though neither the U2 nor the Franklin camp will confirm or deny the
report, Franklin tells MJI that his nearly completed album, which is
still waiting for Bono’s contribution, is “the greatest project I’ve ever been
involved in.” More details on the project are expected to be released sometime
next week.

In other Franklin news, the artist’s next album to be released is tentatively titled
Whatcha Lookin’ 4 by Kirk Franklin & the Family, and is scheduled to be released on
April 7 on Interscope Records.

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