Bruce Springsteen Live Release Update

Original story by Aaron J. Sams (2016-06-15)

On May 29, 2016, Bono joined Bruce Springsteen on stage in Dublin Ireland, at Croke Park. More details about that concert are available here. This was the second of two shows at Croke Park.

Springsteen has partnered with a service to deliver professional recordings of his concerts in a variety of formats. The concerts for his entire current tour are available in CD as well as in lossless and lossy download formats. The concerts are not available immediately, arriving at a rough pace of one per week.

The Dublin show that Bono appeared at, May 29, 2016, is being released. The release of this show is due to be July 13, 2016. The cover for this show is now available, and is shown above.

The shows from the Europe 2016 tour are available for pre-order. Use caution when ordering if it is the Bono appearance that you are looking for as there are two shows from Croke Park that will be available. Bono only appeared at the second show on May 29th. The show at which Bono performed can be ordered from here.

At this time it is expected that Bono’s performance will be a part of this set, but at this time it is not confirmed that it will be.

The shows are available in the following formats:

  • MP3 ($9.95)
  • Lossless (CD-Quality) FLAC or ALAC ($12.95)
  • 24 Bit High Resolution FLAC or ALAC ($19.95)
  • Collectible 3-CD Set ($23.00 plus shipping)
  • CD plus MP3 ($28.00)

Again, the Bono appearance has not yet been confirmed to be released as part of this set, although it is expected that it will. We will update the article when it has been confirmed that “Because the Night” will be released with Bono on vocals.

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