“Bullet the Blue Sky” #U2ieTour

Original story (u2wanderer.org) by Christopher Jenkins (2015-05-20)

Bono’s been working on a spoken piece during the current shows of the iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE tour. This is a part of “Bullet the Blue Sky”. If you wish to remain spoiler free I’d look away now, as this is a big part of that song. Thanks to Chris Jenkins for sending this our way, which is his transcription from YouTube videos of the opening nights in Vancouver.

So this boy comes up to me
His face red like a rose on a thorn bush
A young man with a young mans blush
Young boy looked a lot like me

And hes pulling the dollar bills outta my hand
Patting me down
Patting me down
He says, You have more than you need.
You got one hundred.
You got two hundred.
Three hundred.
And I can see those private planes.
I can see those private planes.
And you’re in one of those private planes, aren’t ya?
Hes right.
And I’m off a flight from Davos, Switzerland
I’m in the lobby of the Belvedere Hotel
Where a jazz man breathes into a saxophone
While everybody stares at their cell phone
And in my ear the young boy groans
Outside its America
Outside is America

As I step outside
The snow is falling like a curtain of silence
I’m on the other side of the barricade now
I’m on the other side of the barricade to myself
Age 19
On the other side of the barricade to myself
Age 19
And I try to tell the young man
That ideas deserve a plan
And to build a better world
Gonna take every woman and man
Its gonna take you, and me
The reds and the greens
The nows and the evers and the yet to bes
The where you goin’?
The where you been?
The living and the dead and the unseen
The somebodies, the nobodies
The who’s who, the gentile and the Jew
The gays and the straights
The sevens and the eights
The nines and the tens
The dollars and the yen
I feel like a fraud
But I know that I’m not
I try to do my very best with everything that Ive got
Which is not a lot
I’m telling ya [???]
Which is not a lot
Trying to step, get caught
And trying to not get caught
With my pants down
And my hands up
And my hands up
Any second now things are going to erupt
So I run
I run
Into the arms
Of America

Don’t shoot
I’m an American.

[segue into Hands That Built America]

America’s not a country America’s an idea And I want to be part of it I’m an Irishman in Canada And I want to be part of the idea Where are the hands that built America? Where are the hands to rebuild America?…

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