Celebrating 27 Years

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2022-04-07)

April 7, 1995 – it was 27 years ago. It was a Friday. U2 had been releasing albums for just 15 years. Bill Clinton was President of the USA. eBay didn’t exist. The DVD was still being developed. U2 was getting the Passengers project ready to go. And I was taking Computer Science 2772 at Mount Allison University and I had a final project due for Dr. Art Miller.

“Pick a topic and build a web page.” He asked for it to be handed in on disc. The web was relatively new. The Netscape browser had launched just a few months earlier. Many organizations were just jumping onto the internet for the first time. And I managed to find a little space online at Ohio State University. Instead of handing the project in on disc, I uploaded it on this day in 1995, calling it “Aaron’s U2 Cave”.

We jumped around a bunch of free sites for a while. Geocities. Xoom. My University account. Borrowed some space from a friend at U2.org. But eventually settled in at U2Wanderer.org in 2000, and later moved to U2Songs.com in 2015. Yes today is our 27th anniversary. We’re the oldest U2 site that we know of that is still being continuously published since that time.

We’ve had a number of people work on the site over the years. It’s not a job, it’s something fun that we do in our spare time. The team has had a few changes in the last year or so. Last year Nico joined us full time, to help out with our new Shows archive which we are still building. Nico and I have worked together on tour related projects since 1999 at other sites, and I’m excited to be working with her again on our new projects here. Last year we also lost a staff member. Mike Long who headed up our lyrics section for many years passed away. We miss you Mike.

Brad, Carl, Don, George, Harry, Nico – my thanks to all of you. For joining me on this crazy journey. Cannot thank you enough for the support over the years. (Harry and Carl – happy birthday this week as well to the both of you!)

But beyond the team, I do have to thank everyone who shares news, everyone who makes suggestions, everyone who happily looks at ideas we’re developing, and anyone who follows us on social media, visits the page, and those who have worked with us in the past. Thank you. We hope this finds you safe wherever you are. And I also have to thank the families of the team here. Thank you for putting up with the U2 craziness when it hits, and for joining in on the excitement!

The year ahead is shaping up to be an exciting one with “Songs of Surrender” rumoured to be coming in November. We’ve got some big things that we’re working on here as well. Hope you’ll check in from time to time to see what we are up to!

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