Daddy’s Gonna Pay For a New Remix

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2020-12-11)

One of the regular shows on U2 X-Radio is “Guests Play U2” where someone invited by the band plays their favourite U2 songs, and add stories about the band. Today’s guest was Butch Vig, record producer, and musician with Garbage. Vig tells the story of being approached by U2 in the early 1990s to remix a few U2 tracks. And then he played “Dirty Day (Bitter Kiss Remix)” and said he wasn’t sure if it had been released prior to this or not. And he followed it up with another of his remixes he completed for the band. The “Sunday, Monday, Tuesday” mix of “Daddy’s Gonna Pay for Your Crashed Car”.

We’ve got a short snippet of it below for those who wish to hear it.

u2wanderer · Daddy (Edit)

Vig’s other remixes for “Dirty Day” were not released in 1993 when the album was released, but eventually two mixes of “Dirty Day” were released as part of the “Please“ single in 1997. (The “Junk Day” and “Bitter Kiss” remixes of the song.)

U2 X-Radio has been short on new content, musical material that hasn’t been released. Most of the new content for the station has been in the form of spoken interview content. The team working over on the “Discotheque” show with Paul Oakenfold have been turning out a number of unreleased mixes of U2 songs over the past few weeks, including some new remixes by TILT and Danny Stubbs. Those mixes have been part of a bigger over all hour-long mix. But this is the first time to our knowledge that a new mix of a song has appeared outside of that show.

Other than those mixes, the other new content on U2 X-Radio has included a live version of “Desire” taken from their 2016 performance in Las Vegas, and the live show recorded at the Apollo Theater for Sirius XM in 2018.

Episodes of “Guests Play U2” are available on demand to subscribers of SiriusXM radio. Although this most recent episode has just aired, and isn’t yet available on the service, it should appear in the next few days. The show should also repeat a number of times over the next week.

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