Deluxe “SOI” Track Listing Run Times

Original story ( by Aaron J. Sams (2014-09-26)

The 12-inch version of the album is now listing the bonus track as “The Crystal Ballroom (12” Mix)” – previously it was just refered to as an exclusive remix. The digital “Deluxe Version” will include the following tracks:

•Lucifer’s Hands (3:54)
•The Crystal Ballroom (4:39)
•Every Breaking Wave (from Acoustic Sessions) (4:28)
•California (from Acoustic Sessions) (3:19)
•Raised by Wolves (from Acoustic Sessions) (3:57)
•Cedarwood Road (from Acoustic Sessions) (3:18)
•Song for Someone (from Acoustic Sessions) (3:35)
•The Miracle (of Joey Ramone) (Busker Version) (4:06)
•The Troubles (Alternative Version) (4:32)
•Sleep Like a Baby Tonight (Alternative Perspective by Tchad Blake) (10:27)

The bonus disc has an overall run time of 46:15. Bono has mentioned that “Invisible” may show up as well, and it was suggested to me that there would be a hidden track on the album (a hidden track called “Invisible”?). Adding to this speculation, Amazon in France have listed “Invisible” as part of the title of the last song. And the track timings show an overall song length of 10:27 for the last track. If “Invisible” is showing up it’s likely at the end of disc two in my opinion. Remember Billboard suggested there were additional tracks being shopped around for exclusives to some retailers, if anyone has any information please contact us. The packaging for the deluxe version is a bespoke 6-panel digipack printed full colour with high-shine clear gloss, spot varnish overprint, there are 2 printed wallets inserted at either end of the packaging to contain the two CDs. There are also two 16-panel booklets. Each CD label has a white printed body with a high-shine clear gloss, spot varnish overlay.

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