Details on The Best of 1980 - 1990

U2News by Nico (1998-09-11)

Title: U2- The Best of 1980-1990 (covers everything from Boy to Rattle N Hum)
Release Date: Tuesday, November 3rd

there will be 2 different versions of this album released. The first is a
limited edtion album of the greatest hits album which also includes a 2nd cd
of b-sides in a little bit of different packaging. The second one will be
released 1 week after the limited edition is released. Here are details on the
2 cds.

1) Greatest Hits cd to include the following tracklisting:

New Years Day
With or Without You
Still Havent Found What Im looking for
sunday bloody sunday
where the streets have no name
I will follow
unforgettable fire
angel of harlem
when love comes to town
sweetest thing (newly recorded version)
all I want is you
hidden track: October

The artwork for this cd will be of a boy, same boy from the Boy (uk album) and
war album cover and he will be wearing an army hat. There will be a 3/4 “
Gold Metallic border around it.

2)This is the Limited Edition cd which will include the above cd as well as an
extra b-sides cd. I have a tentative list of the b-sides that are scheduled to
be released on this cd but I cannot post it until Monday when it becomes
official. Island said the band keeps changing their minds on an hourly basis
and the list I have is NOT confirmed but is most likely what they will go

The artwork for this cd will be similar to the above cd with the boy and gold
metallic border but hasnt been confirmed yet what it will look like. I was
told it will probably have a boy on it as well and a bit different design and
will be in a slip case. I have heard that the packaging should look very nice
for this.

The single the Sweetest Thing will be taken to radio on Sept. 28th. The UK
will be releasing an official single for this song though I dont know if that
single will in fact have b-sides or not. The US will NOT be releasing any
single for this song. I dont know the release date of the single in the UK at
this time. Im guessing mid-October.

There is a video for the sweetest thing being made next week and Kevin Godley
will be directing it. The video will go to MTV on Oct. 19th so set your VCRs.

I have heard that the new version of the Sweetest Thing is pretty much the
same but cleaner sounding and more POP sounding.

Oh one thing before I forget…this album will only be available on CD….both
the limited and the greatest hits album in general…at least thats the way it
is right now…no plans for a cassette release at this time.

Im going through my notes here so I will bullet point some things:

*There is NO new material on the b-sides cd. All of the songs have been
released somewhere along the line.

*The band is currently in the studio in the UK right now recording.

*No new tours or appearances on TV will be done to promote this.

*There might be a 1 hour radio broadcast put together by Island to be aired on
Westwood One….I dont know when.

*There might be 1 or 2 press interviews done. No magazines confirmed yet…

Okay..there will be posters made and a few promo items made for this release.
Im telling U all this so U collectors out there know what will be out there.
There will be:

*2 different flats (flats are the little cardboard things that are about the
size of an LP and have pics and information on them that they use at retail
stores…JUST in case U all didnt know that)

1st flat will have 2 flats joined together by a perferation and will have the
album cover on 1 side and on the other side a listing of all of the songs on
the album.

2nd flat will have a U2 logo on the front and then on the back some text to
explain the limited edition cd.

there will be posters that look like the album cover and they will be 2 sided.
One side with the album cover and the other side with the song titles on the

There will be a instore play sampler cd that will have 4 songs off the
greatest hits album and 4 songs off of the b-sides album.

and of course there will be a radio promo for the sweetest thing single.

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