Discothèque Remastered in 2024

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2024-04-04)

Update: 2024-04-05:

It appears the 12-Inch version of “Discothèque” is on the release, under the title “Discothèque” (Single Version), and it is the “Discothèque” (5:19) version featured on the original single that does not make this set. This has been corrected below.

Original Story:

For those asking when the next refreshed single will appear on digital stores and streaming services, the answer is April 5. A new 12-track version of “Discothèque” is being released tomorrow, including one hour and twelve minutes of music. It includes two mixes of the B-Side “Holy Joe” and ten different mixes of “Discothèque”.

Discothèque (Radio Edit / Remastered 2024) 04:38
Holy Joe (Garage Mix / Remastered 2024) 04:22
Holy Joe (Guilty Mix / Remastered 2024) 05:10
Discothèque (DM Deep Club Mix / Remastered 2024) 07:10
Discothèque (Howie B, Hairy B Mix / Remastered 2024) 07:41
Discothèque (Hexidecimal Mix / Remastered 2024) 07:23
Discothèque (DM Tec Radio Mix / Remastered 2024) 03:48
Discothèque (DM Deep Instrumental Mix / Remastered 2024) 07:01
Discothèque (DM Deep Extended Club Mix / Remastered 2024) 10:05
Discothèque (David Holmes Mix / Remastered 2024) 06:18
Discothèque (DM Deep Beats Mix / Remastered 2024) 04:02
Discothèque (Single Version / Remastered 2024) 05:09

“Discothèque” is the third single from the 1990s that has been released in the ongoing singles refresh online. “Stay (Faraway, So Close)” and “Lemon” were previously issued last July and August. Like “Lemon” and “Stay”, “Discothèque” is listed as having been remastered (with a 2024 date for Discothèque). The single will be released on digital store fronts such as iTunes and Qobuz, as well as on streaming platforms such as Deezer, Tidal and Apple Music.

IMAGE: Discothèque Single (Remastered 2024)

The cover being used for the single is the band cover used on the original single in 1997.

U2 have been revisiting their singles on streaming / digital platforms, and updating the offerings there. A large set was done in July 2022, and “Get Out of Your Own Way” was added in September 2022. “Lemon” and “Stay” were done in July and August 2023. “Discothèque” is the first single done since that time. The project aims to get all of U2’s singles on streaming services and digital storefronts over time, similar to how the band went through and upgraded their video offerings on YouTube starting in 2020. Eventually you’ll be able to go to any streaming service and stream any U2 single or album, where as right now, many singles from the earlier stages of U2’s career are not available on these services.

The original commercial single featured 13-tracks over a number of formats. It appears that the album version of “Discothèque” is the one which has been left out of this release. This is the first time that the “DM Deep Instrumental Mix” and “DM Deep Beats Mix” have been released in a digital format other than the 2004 iTunes release, The Complete U2 (which maxed out at 256kbps quality). These were not released on CD when the single was initially released. This new single will be available in compressed formats (mp3), as well as CD-Quality audio, and high resolution audio. (44.1kHz, 24-bit).

This new release will be available worldwide.

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Discography: “Discothèque” Commercial Single

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