DJ Khaled Doing Something with Bono

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2016-09-10)

Thanks to DJ Khaled on Snapchat we have news that he’s working on some project with Bono. Khaled is an American record producer, DJ and record label executive.

During the day yesterday, DJ Khaled was on the set of two “movies”. He was shap chatting throughout his day. We bring to you the chats pertaining to Bono:

DJ Khaled: “Just arrived at a new movie set. Another movie I’m doing today. Stay tuned”

DJ Khaled: “This is another movie I’m working on. This is gonna be special. Very Special”

DJ Khaled: “So when you see Bono you see her.”
Shelia Roche: “No”
DJ Khaled: “We’re Up to something. It’s top secret. We can’t tell you yet. On another set. It’s gonna be legendary. Bono. U2”

DJ Khaled: “Man I’m so blessed. Now I’m on another set. I’m doing something big right now with Bono. Ever heard of Bono? Google him.”

Khaled gave no further clues about what he was working on with Bono on Snapchat, but it seems to pertain to whatever he was filming yesterday. The first “movie” he worked on during the day appears to have been for the Get Schooled Foundation, so these may not be typical “movies”.

The lady in the video, who Khaled said “when you see Bono you see her” is Sheila Roche. Roche started work with Principle Management in March 1987 and worked with Principle until March 2004, involved in the management of PJ Harvey and U2. She was the managing director of PM. In 2005 she started work with (product) RED as the Creative and Communications Consultant. She is now listed as the Head of Global Communications for (RED). It is likely that the project is some sort of video for (RED) if Roche was involved on the set with DJ Khaled.

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