Duals Spotted in Wild…

Original story (u2wanderer.org) by Aaron J. Sams (2011-04-15)

From our friend DGH on the East Coast in the US, we’ve found out that Duals has started arriving in homes. He’s sent along the photo below.

It appears from the track listings that there isn’t much to get excited about. Not even any new edits, and instead of using the single edits of tracks it looks like material off of albums, is from the albums themselves.

The Wanderer has had the DJ Alarm edited from the end of the track. And if you add the two tracks together from u2 with the Soweto Gospel Choir it is a bit longer than the Christmas track from u2.com but I assume that’s just a little crossfading to make the transition less jarring between the two.

I don’t have my copy in hand yet, but will go through the tracks a little closer when I do.

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