Egan requests “Summer of Love” for Welcome to the Remix 2

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2019-07-19)

Rusty Egan has revealed that he has approached U2 to allow him to release an as-yet-unreleased mix of “Summer of Love” on his upcoming Welcome to the Remix 2 album due for release later this year. At this time he has not heard back and remains hopeful that they will agree to allow him to release the remix. Egan last year remixed “Love is Bigger Than Anything in its Way” with HP Hoeger. Three versions of the song were done, and those three mixes were released as a commercial EP. An edit of one of the mixes was also released for promotion. Egan and Hoeger also participated in the release of “Summer of Love” as a single, with their “Heatwave” remix being used for promotion, and their “Driftaway” mix being commercially released on the single. Egan and Hoeger also submitted multiple remixes of “Red Flag Day” but plans for that song to be released as a single were cancelled.

The unreleased mix that Egan is hoping to include on Welcome to the Remix 2 is the “HP. Hoeger & Rusty Egan Sunset Mix.” Unlike many of the remixes we have heard of that song by other artists, this mix features a slowed down version of the song, and is a fan favourite. Although unreleased, Egan has included the song on a number of occasions in DJ mixes and in his Electric Family Tree radio show. The mix has been approved for Egan to play in live DJ sets and mixes, but to date has not been approved for release. The mix can be heard in Egan’s set for the Sky Bar Mondrian in Los Angeles from January, and opens the mix.

Music: Rusty Egan Sky Bar Mondrian Los Angeles Mix 2019-01-24 (Link if embed doesn’t work)

Rusty recently spoke about the “Sunset Mix” of “Summer of Love” which he mixed with HP Hoeger. “So when you approach something with love, and you go I love this, what about if we do this? I just thought that oh my God I love this tune, it would be so great if i could tune it down for a Sunset mix, just make it relaxed. I think if you are going to do something to a tune, and you do it with love, its cause you really feel that organ, and you really feel the breakdown, and you can really hear the words and understand it. I’m really hoping and praying they let me put it on my Welcome to the Remix Volume 2. Lets hope we get it.”

Egan’s history with U2 goes back some time. He was the first artist to release a single on the Son Records label founded by U2. That record, a cover of “Whole Lotta Love” was released under the name Pulse in 1988. It was visiting the band backstage at the London stop of The Joshua Tree 2017 tour that got Egan involved in remixes from the new album, with the band giving the thumbs up to Egan working on a remix of one of the new songs from the album. Egan has told us that some day he’d love to see all of the remixes he produced for this album, “Love is Bigger Than Anything in its Way,” “Summer of Love” and “Red Flag Day” be issued as a set.

Egan is a British musician, producer and DJ. We interviewed Egan about his remixes with U2 last year. His Welcome to the Remix album was released digitally in September 2018 and featured a number of remixes that had been done for a variety of artists, some completed for the album itself. Welcome to the Remix Volume 2 is coming on September 21 and again will feature reworkings and remixes of new and old stongs. Crossing our fingers that approval will be given to include the U2 song on the album. We’ll keep you informed if the approval is given to include the track.

Egan maintains a Mixcloud where you can hear his Electronic Family Tree Radio Show, as well as other remix sets. The radio show is broadcast at 8pm (GMT) on Artefaktor Radio, and often features U2 in the mix.

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