Exclusive: Dave Audé Does U2

Exclusive: Dave Audé Does U2 (2009-04-18)

“I’m not wearing Bono underwear…” – Dave Audé

Dave Audé discusses his new remix of ‘Magnificent’ by U2!!!

EV: Thank you for meeting with us. You’ve had an amazing career! There is no question that you are one of the pioneers of dance music today. You helped start Moonshine Records and now own your own label, Audacious Records. What has the path been like getting to a U2 remix?

DA: I feel very lucky to have made a career doing what I love to do and am passionate about. I’ve also been fortunate to work with some great artists but here are a few standout moments – Sting, Madonna, Donna Summer, Coldplay, and now U2.

EV: What producers influenced you the most early in your career? Are there any that worked with U2 in the past?

DA: I’ve always admired Jeff Lynne, Ric Ocasek, Vince Clark, and John “Mutt” Lange. Of course I respect Daniel Lanois, Steve Lillywhite, and Brian Eno but they haven’t influenced my productions as much as the previous guys.

EV: Of the remixes that you’ve done, what are some of your favorites?

DA: Sting “Send Your Love” was fun and he did my version live!!. Pussycat Dolls “Buttons” was a great dance track to begin with, in fact, most of the Dolls stuff is danceable so that’s always fun. Gorillaz “Dare” was a fav of mine a few years back. I always wanted to mix Pat Benatar and I got the chance a few years back.

EV: U2 is one of the biggest bands in the world. They have sold over 145 million albums worldwide and won 22 Grammy awards (more than any other band). What do you think of U2? Are you a fan of their work?

DA: I’m a fan of music and u2 have made some great music, so yes, I’m a fan. I’m not wearing Bono underwear or anything but I definitely appreciate what they’ve done for music and the world as a whole. I think bands can all learn a lot from what they have accomplished. They are pro’s.

EV: U2 has worked with other major artists in the past such as Paul Oakenfold, Paul van Dyk, and Ferry Corsten. How were you chosen for the “Magnificent” remix?

DA: U2’s label (Interscope) hired me to remix this single cause’ they knew I would smash it. Fortunately, Bono loved what I did. I think when Oakie, PVD, and Ferry did mixes in the past, they all sound like the guys who did the mix. In other words, Oakies mix sounds like Oakie, PVD sounds like PVD, Ferry sounds like a Ferry Corsten track with Bono singing. When I approached this mix, I really wanted the mix to sound like u2. I just produced it for the dance floor and kept all the guitars. In fact, I kept some of the drums and the bass as well. u2 is a four-some, not just Bono. I feel you need all those elements to keep it “U2”.

EV: When producing the remix of “Magnificent,” were you given the studio tracks? Or did you sample the actual song?

DA: I am given the master session on all the projects I work on. The multi-track (or Pro Tools session in this case) that has all the guitars, drums, bass, and vocals separate so I am able to use whatever I want from the original song. So many guys take the original song, chop it up, EQ it, add some loops and call it a remix. I suppose it is, but what I’m really doing is “re-producing” the track for the dance floor (and getting paid for it). lol

EV: “Only love can leave such a mark.” What a fantastic lyric from “Magnificent.” There are so many great songs on the new U2 album. How did you choose “Magnificent?” Is it because it’s their new single from the album? Or did the song have a special meaning to you?

DA: Hmmmm. I didn’t choose it. This is a question I get asked all the time. I don’t actually choose songs I work on, I am contacted by the label and/or artist and they tell me what song they are working on. It’s usually the song that’s going to radio, etc. I wish I could just pick and choose what I’d like to work on – that would be CRAZY!

EV: Has U2 personally heard the remix yet? If so, what are their thoughts on “Magnificent”?

DA: Bono said it’s excellent. I’ll take it.

EV: In the past U2 has released previous remixes of their tracks as b-sides, such as Paul Oakenfold’s remix of “Even Better Than the Real Thing”, or Ferry Corsten’s remix of “New Year’s Day”. Will U2 be releasing your remix of “Magnificent” in the same fashion?

DA: Good question. There aren’t “B Sides” these days, but I imagine they will release it digitally. It just depends on the label. It seems as though they are putting everything up for sale these days so I’m guessing they will, but that’s up to them. My fingers are crossed.

EV: What can we expect to see from Dave Aude in the future?

DA: Where do I go from u2??? I’m working on artist stuff with Perry Farrell, Blake Lewis, and Christopher Lawrence along with 20,000 remixes. But mostly, I’ll just keep doing what I have been doing the past 15 years I suppose, trying to make 1 or 2 people shake their ass.

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