Gavin Friday and the Friday-Seezer Ensemble Soundtrack to Peter and the Wolf

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2023-08-23)

Shops in the UK and Ireland are starting to list the soundtrack to the upcoming animated version of Peter & the Wolf debuting this Fall on Max.

The soundtrack is due on October 20, in both vinyl and CD formats. The music is by Gavin Friday and The Friday-Seezer Ensemble.

There are ten tracks on the audio release in both formats:

1. Beware, For Wolves Come In Many Disguises
2. The Story Begins
3. The Wolf
4. Now This Is How Things Stood
5. The Victory Parade
6. Beware, For Wolves Come In Many Disguises (Instrumental)
7. The Story Begins (Instrumental)
8. The Wolf (Instrumental)
9. Now This Is How Things Stood (Instrumental)
10. The Victory Parade (Instrumental)

IMAGE: Cover of Peter & the Wolf on Vinyl

The advertising copy with the release shares, “The brand new animated rendition of Sergei Prokofiev’s much-loved symphony, ‘Peter & The Wolf’, transformed into an enchanting and contemporary visual masterpiece that touches on themes of growing up, loss, courage, transformation, and our relationship with nature. Featuring music and narration by Gavin Friday, and artwork based on original illustrations by Bono, the animated short film is scheduled to premiere later this year and is part of an ongoing relationship with Irish Hospice Foundation. The uniquely creative project is led by musician and composer Gavin Friday and saw him narrate the reimagined classic tale with The Friday Seezer Ensemble performing Prokofiev score, newly arranged by Maurice Seezer and Gavin Friday.”

The 2xLP version will be pressed on heavyweight black vinyl, and will be half-speed mastered, and will include two 12-inch art prints. The CD is being presented in a “reverse board luxe paper sleeve”.

The streaming service Max is only available in the USA, but we are told there are plans underway to have the animated version of the film available on other services outside of the US. The release date of the new animated film has not yet been announced.

Additionally a hardback book is also being published by Dorling Kindersley Ltd, which will be 128pages, and will be released on October 19, 2023. In the press for the book, Bono is quoted as saying, “Gavin’s retelling of the classic Peter and the Wolf story is as original as he is…sometimes a story like this can sneak into your heart and never leave. To see some of my illustrations evolve in this reimagining is a thrill.” The original art was done by Bono with his daughters Jordan and Eve for the original 2003 version of the book and soundtrack.

Catalog Information:

CD SKU: 4050538925470
12” SKU: 4050538925487 (Catalog: BMGCAT838DLP)
BOOK ISBN: 9780241667736

IMAGE: Preview Page from the new Peter & the Wolf Book (Via Amazon)

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