Happy Anniversary Pop!

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2021-03-03)

Did you know?

  • Pop was originally planned for an October 14, 1996 release.
  • The album was started in mid-1995 with producer Nellee Hooper.
  • The final mixes were still being tweaked right up until the day The Edge got on a plane to deliver the final copy of the album.
  • Two 30 second clips from an electronic press kit leaked on October 26, 1996. This was U2’s first widely publicized internet leak. (“Wake Up Dead Man” and “Discotheque”)
  • When the full version of “Discotheque” leaked on December 27, U2 allowed radio stations to start playing the song early to counter the leak.
  • Not only leaks on the Internet were an issue, a record chain in Canada put the whole album on sale five days early.
  • Designer Steve Averill claims that the “Playboy bunny” you see in Larry’s eye when you turn the cover sideways was not planned.
  • Pop had six singles issues as well as an EP titled “PopHeart”
  • We have 13 different videos listed for the Pop album in our archive.

Today marks the anniversary of the release of the Pop album. It was released in 1997, twenty-four years ago. To celebrate, U2 X-Radio is airing a special rerun of a conversation between Woody Harrelson and The Edge tonight at 7pm ET. Harrelson is a big fan of the album and shares that love with The Edge.

To celebrate here we wanted to highlight a few of the items we have looking at Pop around the site:

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