Hasta La Vista Leaks

Original Story (U2Wanderer.org) by Aaron J. Sams (2000-04-09)

We’ve added a discography entry for a new CD that is being released by the U2 fan club, Propaganda. The CD is a single CD with music taken from the Popmart Live in Mexico city film, titled Hasta La Vista Baby. We are told that there was a production mix up with these CDs when they were pressed due to a error at the production plant. Several of them arrived in the hands of an online shop, and copies quickly appeared on the internet today. The official release of the CD according to Terry Panaro at Propaganda will be this fall. The CD contains 14 tracks, two of which are pre-recorded music, and the rest which are taken live from the Mexico City shows that were filmed and released on home video. The full track list is as follows:

  • Pop Muzik (3:07)
  • Mofo (4:35)
  • I Will Follow (2:50)
  • Gone (4:40)
  • New Year’s Day (4:58)
  • Staring At The Sun (4:30)
  • Bullet The Blue Sky (6:10)
  • Please (6:57)
  • Where The Streets Have No Name (6:34)
  • Lemon – Perfecto Mix (2:04)
  • Discotheque (5:07)
  • With Or Without You (5:45)
  • Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me (5:38)
  • One (6:06)

Both “Pop Muzik” and “Lemon” are played over the PA, and were not performed live. The cover art features U2 exiting the lemon in a photograph by Anton Corbijn. The CD will be released in a cardboard sleeve this fall. The cover artwork can be found below.

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