High-Res Version of SOE Coming?

Original Story by Don Morgan (2017-11-30)

A German web site called High Res Audio is listing an audiophile version of the deluxe edition of Songs of Experience. Like all other formats of the album, the release date is set for December 1.

A high-resolution release of the album would mark something of a departure for U2, as the band traditionally hasn’t released its albums in high-res formats, which are higher than CD quality. (High Res Audio does offer the single or 2-disc download of the 2011 Achtung Baby release, but it is not available in all territories, including the USA.) The site offers this explanation of the audio specifications of its releases:

Designed, edited and operated in Berlin and Hamburg, Germany, HIGHRESAUDIO is the first commercial music download service for audiophiles offering only music recordings in high-resolution audio standard at 24-bit. The selection and offerings are available worldwide depending upon the licensing and territorial agreements with the license holders. Available are only albums in its native sampling rate from 44.1kHz up to 384kHz. HIGHRESAUDIO doesn’t offer any up-sampled, technically manipulated and tweaked recordings.

Even if you’re not interested in venturing beyond CD quality when it comes to your U2 listening, it’s worth noting that High Res Audio’s listing for Songs of Experience includes a full preview of the booklet for the deluxe edition, so you can go right now and check out all of the lyrics, credits, photos, and Bono’s heartfelt essay in the liner notes.

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