HP40: The Hot Press Covers Exhibition

Original Story by Harry Kantas (2017-04-08)

Walking in the National Photographic Archive in Temple Bar today, a U2 fan can’t but feel an overwhelming emotion of pride kicking in.

Hot Press magazine has been around for 40 years now, and has played a major part in U2’s career.
Brought to life by Niall Stokes, a fan and supporter of U2 from since before I was born, co-edited by Bill Graham, one of Ireland’s finest rock journalists, and a U2 and Virgin Prunes mentor, and home to Steve Averill, Neil McCormick, Olaf Tyaransen and Stuart Clark amongst many others, Hot Press believed in U2 almost from Day 1, putting them on their cover when U2 Three was released in Ireland back in 1979.

When you enter the exhibition, you are confronted with a U2 Wall, hosting every cover U2 were featured on. As a bonus, each of the covers are signed by the band, as they appear on them.
Bono and Larry like to date their signatures with the year they signed, so we can tell all covers were signed sometime this year, specifically for the exhibition, as they are all dated 2017.

U2 Wall

Aside from U2, Rory Gallagher and Phil Lynnott and Thin Lizzy are also heavily featured throughout the exhibition, as well as many international artists, such as REM, Blondie, Nick Cave, Nirvana and many more.
A wealth of information can also be found on the history of Hot Press, and the people behind it.
Did you know that both Steve Averill, and Neil McCormick have designed a Hot Press logo?

There will also be a limited number of prints available for sale, signed by Niall Stokes, out of which 2 are U2 covers: the first one from 1979, and one from 2001, when U2 played Slane Castle. The price will be 25EUR per print.

The exhibition will kick off officially on Sunday, April 9th, at the National Photographic Archive in Temple Bar, and will run until September.
Read more about the Hot Press Covers Exhibition from Niall Stokes here


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