Ireland Rumours, Additional Shows and More for U2 Tour

Original Story by Staff (2018-01-26)

With today’s General On-Sale for tickets for leg 2 of the eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE off to a good pace, several new shows have already been announced as happening at U2.Com/Tour.

These include shows at:

  • Berlin, Saturday, September 1 (A second show for Berlin)
  • Cologne, Wednesday, September 5 (A second show for Cologne)
  • Paris, Wednesday, September 12 (A third show for Paris)
  • Lisbon, Monday, September 17 (A second show for Lisbon)
  • Madrid, Friday, September 21 (A second show in Madrid)
  • Hamburg, Thursday, October 4 (A second show for Hamburg)
  • Amsterdam, Monday, October 8 (A second show in Amsterdam)
  • Manchester, Saturday, October 20 (A second show for Manchester)
  • London, Wednesday, October 24 (A second show for London)

These shows will be going into pre-sales next week (starting Tuesday, January 30), and stay tuned for further updates on when these shows will be sold. Late last week retailers in Denmark and The Netherlands both confirmed that the retailer code should be good for any additional shows. So there should be both U2.Com membership pre-sales (starting Tuesday) and a retailer pre-sale for those who pre-ordered the album at select retailers (starting later in the week). The first shows announced were for Paris, Amsterdam and Madrid. They were quickly followed by the shows in Germany and then later a show for Lisbon. Much later in the day additional second shows were announced for London and Manchester.

The pre-sale information for Madrid is as follows:

  • Tuesday, January 30, 10:00 U2.Com Fan Club Sale
  • Wednesday, January 31, 10:00 Retail Pre-Sale
  • Friday, February 2, General Sale

Expect other cities to follow the same schedule. The General sale for these added cities will be next Friday, February 2, and expect it to be at 10:00 for most cities, and earlier for shows in the UK if second shows are announced.

A second show for Manchester was accidentally seen during pre-sales at one point, so expect that city to be one of the ones getting an additional show.

There will be no new cities announced today. Only cities that previously have shows listed will be announced today. Expect additional second shows to be added today as well. Other shows are already showing low inventories of tickets, so expect other announcements shortly.


We also have some information that we can report, that should be considered a rumour until such time that it is confirmed by official sources. This information comes from previously reliable sources who have shared correct information in the past.

The two shows mentioned in the first tour announcement for Leg Two are imminent to be announced. Both Dublin and Belfast shows for U2 were mentioned in the announcement but dates were not given. We are told they should be announced early next week, most likely on Monday.


When would Dublin and Belfast happen? We are told that the information published last week that Dublin would happen in September is wrong.

Belfast would happen first, following London at the end of the current known schedule at the end of October.

Dublin is being booked so there could be room for four shows, but only two will be announced on Monday. We are told that the dates will be November 5 and 6 for these two shows, BUT UNTIL ANNOUNCED THIS SHOULD BE CONSIDERED RUMOUR and should not be used to book reservations that cannot be changed. Our source is reliable, and has shared accurate information in the past, but things have been known to shift and change right up to the announcement of dates. Addition of a third and fourth show for Dublin would be done if sales for the first two are good. (And yes, we are aware another act has the venue booked in Dublin for the night of the 4th.)


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