Irish Artists Covering U2 in Isolation

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2020-05-07)

A number of Irish artists have been covering U2 of late as they take to social media to perform songs while in isolation. We’ve been sharing some of these on our social media but here’s a collection of performances for those who might not have seen them in our original posts. The videos of each performance are embedded below, we hope they work for you, but if not, you should be able to find them by searching each band’s social media accounts.

Snow Patrol has been a band who have opened for U2 a number of times, first on the Vertigo tour and then again on U2360. Most recently, last year, Bono showed up to perform “One” with the band at a special performance in Belfast. Gary Lightbody, the lead singer of the band put together a performance of cover songs tonight, and included one by U2. Snow Patrol was also involved in the (Ǎhk-to͝ong Bāy-Bi) Covered album in 2011, celebrating the 20th anniversary of Achtung Baby where the band covers “Mysterious Ways”.

In the performance on May 14, he covers U2’s “Where the Streets Have No Name” on his performance. The video is on Instagram and is embedded below. The U2 song starts at 24:30. He also covers songs by Billie Eilish, Prince, The Killers and others if you’re interested in hearing more.

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Here’s today’s live show. It’s mostly covers (u2, billieeilish, prince, sam_fender, thekillers, vanmorrisonofficial paulisanoonan) and a few SP and Tired Pony songs too. And there was a Q&A at the end too. Thanks to everyone that joined me live. See you Saturday for #saturdaysongwrite. Loads of love. gL.x

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VIDEO: Gary from Snow Patrol doing “Where The Streets Have No Name” (Starts at 24:30)

In the performance on May 7, he tells a story about opening for U2 on tour at around 32:10, and then follows with a cover of “With or Without You”. The video is on Instagram and is embedded below.

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I played a top ten of mostly covers that you requested. Thank you for joining me today! It was so much fun. gL.x

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VIDEO: Gary from Snow Patrol doing “With or Without You” (Starts at 32:10)

Picture This are a newer Irish band, forming in 2015 in County Kildare, Ireland. The band released their first album in 2017, and also made a special guest appearance that year on The Joshua Tree – New Roots album which saw Irish artists covering U2 on a charity album. On that album they perform “With or Without You” and that is also the performance they shared on their social media, which is embedded from Twitter below.

VIDEO: Picture This covering “With or Without You”

Another band from Ireland, The Coronas. The band formed in Dublin in 2003, and yes, that’s the name they’ve had all this time. The Coronas, like Picture This, were featured on The Joshua Tree – New Roots album in 2017. On that album, the band performed U2’s “One Tree Hill.” This week however, lead singer Danny O’Reilly took to social media to do a performance of U2’s “Stay (Faraway, So Close!) sharing it on the bands social media accounts which can be seen below.

VIDEO: Danny O’Reilly of The Coronas take on U2’s “Stay (Faraway, So Close!)

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