Island France Announces Release Dates for New U2 Album

Original story ( by Aaron J. Sams (2000-07-02)

The moment U2 fans have been waiting for since 1997’s release of Pop is a little bit closer now. A date has been announced for the release of the next album of all new material. The magic date is:

October 30th, 2000 in Europe
October 31st, 2000 in North America

Although not confirmed the following dates have also been been mentioned in conjunction with the new album:

Radio Airplay of new Song: September 4, 2000
First Single Released Commercially: October 9, 2000

An announcement of touring dates is likely to be made prior to the release of the album, with the tour likely to start in early 2001. The album and single titles have yet to be confirmed. Watch this place for further news as it arrives. Until then plan on calling in sick on the 30/31 to enjoy the new U2 release un-interupted by work.

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