Island Hopes U2 Single Flies On Radio

Music & Media by Emmanuel Legrand (1991-11-02)

When Island France serviced last week U2’s new single The Fly to radio stations, the record company didn’t know what to expect. While the band is a brand name in France, the sound of the track as well as its strong rock orientation created some concern.

Island head of radio promotion Jean-Michel Canitrot says, “We were surprised by the reaction of most radio stations. They were very positive, beyond our expectations. Except for some adult formats that will avoid playing the song on daytime, most of the stations have received the single very well. It proves how much U2’s new songs were anticipated.”

AM stations-from France Inter to RTL-are welcoming the song. Says Nathalie Andre, music programmer of AM station Radio Monte -Carlo, “The single is our ‘favourite of the week’. I adore this song and I had no problem playing it. I am waiting for the album with a lot of anticipation to see if it’s going to be as good.”

According to Canitrot, EHR networks such as NRJ and Fun have “reacted positively.” Canitrot says one of the tasks of the record company was to explain that the album was very rock-oriented and that the band wants to use this single to reinforce that image. Explains Canitrot, “It’s
just a reminder that U2 is a rock band. I think the band and its management made a risky but wise move by releasing that single. Risky, because it could have been followed by a total rejection from the radio stations; wise, because they are trying first to please their fans. But so far,
it looks like a smart move. And I’m confident of the future because the best is still to come.”

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