Island U2 Promo Sends Executives Around Paris

Music & Media by Emmanuel Legrand (1991-12-14)

Island Records France organized a trip around Paris for various record industry executives as part of its promotion of Achtung Baby, U2’s new album. Since the album focuses on the situation brought about by the destruction of the Berlin wall, the label decided to take a trip around Paris in four Trabants—the plastic cars produced by former East Germany.

The four cars, tagged with the logo of the band and the title of the album, toured the Eiffel Tower, Montmartre and the Place de la Concorde, among other famous sites. They also visited key media companies prior to the album’s release. “The album has created a lot of interest both from the public and the media,” says Island head of radio promotion Jean -Michel Canitrot. The cars will be sold at auction and proceeds will be given to a charity.

Prior to this promo trip, Island organized a radio promo which began on November 4. Island’s 45 -second radio spot used instrumental music from the album. A voice-over message named the station on the ad. A total of 37 radio stations, local and regional, from the Media Control and The Bulletin were serviced with the spot carrying their name.

Says Canitrot, “Local and regional radio stations play a vital role in launching new acts and we always try as much as possible to find a way to associ-
ate them with our campaigns. This spot was both informative and specific to each outlet. It made the radio stations feel they were part of the event.”

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