J. Lo Records Duet with U2’s Bono, Craig David May Be Next

Launch (Yahoo.com) by Jason Gelma (2003-03-27)

Jennifer Lopez revealed during a recent Internet chat on her official website that she has recorded a duet with U2 frontman Bono.

“I did a song with Bono and haven’t released it yet,” Lopez said. “We were waiting for the right timing to release it, and haven’t released it yet, so it would be great if that saw the light of day one day.” There’s no official word on whether the duet with Bono will be released.

Lopez also said during the chat session that she is interested in recording with Craig David. “I have always thought about doing a duet with Craig David,” Lopez explained.

It appears that there’s a very good chance the duet will happen, according to David. The British R&B sensation said he would love to do a duet with Lopez if they find the proper song.

“Jennifer Lopez has wanted to work with me for a long, long time now, and I’d like to do something with her, but I think it’s just a case of doing it for the right reasons and having a song that kind of suits both people who are going to be singing it,” David said. “So, yeah, all in good time.”

David joked that if he does eventually record a song with J. Lo, it would most likely be a steamy love song, and it would probably be best if Lopez’s fiance stayed out of the studio during the recording process.

“Especially if Ben Affleck is not in the room, we’ll be fine,” David said. “We’ll just make it so it’s really on — so it’s just the way it should be.”

Meanwhile, Lopez is already riding high on the chart with her duet with rapper LL Cool J. “All I Have” is now Number Three on the Billboard Hot 100.

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