Larry Mullen on “Shut Up And Rock”

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2021-02-26)

There is new music released today featuring a member of U2.

Alice Cooper’s new album, Detroit Stories came out today and Larry Mullen plays on one track a song called “Shut Up And Rock.” It is the only song on the album that features Larry Mullen, as opposed to Alice Cooper’s early album, Paranormal where Larry Mullen featured on nine tracks in 2017. Advance press for that earlier album had said that Larry would play on ten tracks, but when the album appeared, he only featured on nine, which makes us think that this new track, “Shut Up And Rock” dates back to these earlier sessions.

Listen to “Shut Up And Rock”, featuring Larry Mullen on YouTube Music

During the promotion for that 2017 album, Alice Cooper took a question from U2Songs, “What were the highlights of working with a drummer like Larry Mullen? Did he help develop the songs or was it more a “here play this” type arrangement? How many days did you work with Mullen?”

Alice Cooper responded, “I never had a drummer ever ask me to see the lyrics before. It’s just something drummers don’t do. He says – I interpret the lyrics, I don’t just work on the bottom of the song. I thought that was a great idea. A lot of the time he doesn’t do what a normal drummer would do. He doesn’t do snare, hi-hat, but he goes snare, tom tom and instead of this “chk” it had a “boom” and turned the song into something else. Working with a drummer who was artistically involved in the lyrics of the song was really cool, and it gave the album a whole different flavour. The fact he worked on this album, all the way through it, totally changed the face of it. It was really fun working with him. He had fun listening, because the songs go all over the place, and he somehow glued it all together.”

Detroit Stories is available today on digital store fronts, and in a variety of physical formats. The album is released on CD, CD plus DVD digipack, CD Box set, and 2LP. The boxed set will include a Blu-ray disc, T-shirt, face mask, torch light and stickers. The 2LP set will be available on red vinyl through independent record stores, and will also be made available in clear, purple and black vinyl in other online offerings. The performance “A Paranormal Evening at the Olympia Paris” which features on the DVD and Blu-ray, does not include Larry Mullen. The album can be ordered here.

The track “Shut Up And Rock” lists Larry Mullen on drums and features Garret Bielaniec and Tommy Denander on guitar, Jimmy Lee Sloas on Bass, Alice Cooper on vocals, Bob Ezrin on backing vocals and Tommy Henriksen on guitar and backing vocals. The song is written by Tommy Henriksen, Bob Ezrin and Alice Cooper.

Just shut up and rock
Oh, shut up and rock
Please shut up and rock
Why can’t you just shut up and rock?

For more information on the release including artwork, credits, full track listing and lyrics, please see our discography entry below.

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