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Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2023-02-12)

Update: February 12

U2 have posted a preview of tonight’s ad, featuring several fans, and look-a-likes of the band, which was filmed last month in Colombia.

Original Story:

A few rumours and pieces of news hitting the Inbox…

Word is out that U2 / Bono may be involved in an event in Washington DC on Monday. Reports are that U2 have been looking for a choir to use in the city for part of a performance tomorrow. It does not mean that U2 will necessarily be present. Last month the band filmed footage in Colombia of look-a-likes and also of fans. They could be filming additional footage for upcoming projects.

The Super Bowl airs tonight, starting at around 5pm Eastern. For those able to tune in, the game will likely run late, with the half time show expected around 7:30pm.

And be warned, just because you can stream the game, doesn’t mean that outside of the USA you will see the commercials. In Canada for instance, both the American channels and the Canadian TV channels will be showing Canadian ads instead, unless a company has paid to advertise in Canada as well.

The best place to keep an eye on things if you don’t think you’ll get the broadcast? – that address was given out in advance for a reason, and I expect it will go live around the time that the commercial will air. Also keep your eyes on – they should have updated information at the same time.

We will of course updated our show archive when we have information to share. Although rumours had reached us that the tour would be called “SOS Baby” it looks like that is no longer the case.

Ticket sales? We’ve been told they will start quickly after the ad airs, in the days that follow the Super Bowl.

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We were told that “One” from Songs of Surrender would be out this week. It’s appeared on Apple Music as a preview in some countries (and can be seen on iTunes in others) but the full track has not yet shown up.

With the announcement of a show in Vegas with a strong focus on Achtung Baby and Songs of Surrender we’re thinking we’ll see “One” soon. After all, it’s on both albums.

The version of “One” that could be heard on Bono’s audiobook of Surrender features an ending that would suit a choral arrangement at the end…

UPDATE: It was released at 5pm Eastern via many online shops

Finally. Purple vinyl. We’ve been told it will be coming soon, the week of February 20 and will be available via Universal Records shops online, as well as via We are also expecting the green cassette to start showing up in bundles around the same time. No word yet if these cassettes will be restricted to one region, but we are told the purple vinyl should be available in most regions.

We’ve been doing some update articles like this to catch up on all the little things. Our earlier articles on January 21 (Catching Up With U2) and February 3 (SOS and Other Updates) and yesterday (Viva Las Vegas and Other Bits) are also available for more recent quick updates.

We are also maintaining the following pages here at U2Songs with new information when available:

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