Love is Bigger: DrewG Interview

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2018-05-18)

DrewG (Drew G Hanser) is a DJ based in California, and works on his own, as well as part of the group Dirty Pop. He is among the artists who have been tapped for a second round of remixes of U2’s new single, “Love is Bigger Than Anything in its Way.” The first set of mixes was released on May 4, 2018 as a 3-track digital EP. Now a number of new remixes are being sent around for promotion to DJs, and we are told there are plans for a commercial release for a number of these, although that won’t be today as we had originally hoped. But the DrewG. Remix has been sent out for promotion.

The remix by DrewG can be heard below:

We recently had an opportunity to speak with DrewG about his career and his remix of “Love is Bigger Than Anything in its Way,” and how it all came about.

What can you tell us about yourself?

Drew: Got my start in the industry in the mid 90s. My father was working for Van Halen back then and I got my initial kick into the Industry from there. More along the guitarist side of things than production though. Currently I live in San Diego, CA with my husband and 2 dogs.

Maybe you could tell our audience about some of the artists you have remixed?

Drew: Lol at this point it’s more like who haven’t I remixed lol jk, well kinda. Madonna, Cher, Gaga, Linkin Park, Beyonce, Leann Rimes…

Were there any remixers/DJs you looked up to as you were getting into the business?

Drew: Being that I started DJing in the early 2000s I was cutting my teeth during the same period that many huge NYC producers were already giants: Junior Vasquez, Peter Rauhofer, Victor Calderone.

Are you a U2 fan? Do you have a favorite U2 song? What about a favorite remix of a U2 song, either vintage or more recent?

Drew: Johnny Vicious did some great remixes of “Where the Streets Have No Name” if I remember correctly. My favorite U2 song is “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m looking For.” Initially my attraction for U2 did stem from the Edge’s guitar work tho. He’s one of the more underrated guitar players of our time I feel.

If you had an opportunity to go back to U2’s entire catalog and remix any track which would you pick?

Drew: Of course it would be my fav song named earlier.

Is this your first time working with U2?

Drew: Yes

How did you get involved in the remix for “Love is Bigger”?

Drew: I was told that my agents had been contacted and they submitted a few different clips of mine and my group “Dirty Pop” for consideration. There is a Dirty Pop mix as well coming, produced by myself and Brian Cua (whom also has a remix solo on the project.)

Some of the producers we’ve spoken with mentioned just getting the vocals? Others got instruments as well – did you get both?

Drew: All the stems. Vocals. Instruments each etc. I got the stems in January and finished it within a few days. I don’t let projects sit around.

What was the process for getting the mix approved? When did you know it would be released?

Drew: I didn’t know til I got the promo email. lol. That’s typically how it is.

Did you do multiple versions of the mix? Or was it just the one? If you did multiple mixes, why do you feel the one released stands out?

Drew: I always do 3 versions. Two I keep for my own sets just to keep it different live. And I dunno, Bono actually asked me just last week to add some more parts to that remix, so the one you heard was the promo version. The newer one has more vocals and I imagine will appear on iTunes soon…

Was any guidance given as to what sort of mix the band wanted?

Drew: Nope, just do your thing I was told.

How did you get started with this mix?

Drew: I opened up abelton and just started messing around til it felt right. I don’t even have a game plan with this stuff.

You chose to include most of the lyrics for the song where other DJs have just focused on one particular line of the song. Any reason why you chose to feature the full song?

Drew: I tend to be a more vocal Dj live so I like to be able to sing along when I play tracks.

When you posted that you were doing the remix you mentioned “So honored that U2 has chosen me to be an official remixer of their new hit #loveisbiggerthananythinginitsway ! Just in time for pride!” Have you seen the video? Are you aware of the ties this song has made to the LGBTQ community in Dublin?

Drew: I have not seen the video actually but I will take some time to watch it later today. I love Dublin actually and I was just working on some gigs there …

Do you know if this version of the song will get a commercial release?

Drew: Yes… I would imagine soon

Most releases are digital-only these days. U2 fans are always complaining about the death of the commercial single. Are you aware of any plans to do a physical release with these “Love is Bigger” remixes?

Drew: I am not currently. Trust me I love nice framed vinyls on my wall just as much as the last producer lol.

If you had an opportunity to remix any current or past artist, do you have someone in mind you’d love to remix?

Drew: Would of been amazing to have been producing during Michael Jackson’s time

What projects do you have coming up?

Drew: Madonna, Cher just to name a few.

Where can people find out more information about your career?
Or just Wikipedia me lol!

This is our third interview with the DJs involved with remixing “Love is Bigger Than Anything in its Way.” For the other interviews please see the links below:

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