Love is Bigger: VibePosse Interview

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2018-06-18)

Originally Published: June 18, 2018 | Updated: July 24, 2018

VibePosse is an alias for a producer from Southern California, who has recently remixed “Love is Bigger Than Anything in its Way” for U2. The mix, the “VibePosse Dub” was released in the third package of remixes sent out for promotion on May 15, 2018. To date this remix has not been made commercially available.

VibePosse’s remix of “Love is Bigger Than Anything in its Way” can be heard in full below, our interview will follow.

It was our pleasure to talk to VibePosse in regards to working with U2, their mix, and career.

What can you tell us about VibePosse?

VibePosse: VibePosse is a new brand developed to hone in on the sound that reflects what I’ve been producing and DJ’ing, with no static from any of the projects I’ve been involved with in the past. I’m from Mexico, but based in Southern California with 15+ years of industry experience.

Maybe you could tell our audience about some of the artists you have remixed?
VibePosse: As VibePosse I am debuting my remixing efforts with this fabulous project opportunity, which is an honor in itself. Being approved and selected takes it to another level.

Are you a U2 fan? Do you have a favorite U2 remix?

VibePosse: Definitely a fan of U2 – who isn’t?! As far as a favorite remix, last year’s remix by Afrojack of “Get Out Of Your Own Way” was quite unique and rocking.

Is this your first time working with U2?

VibePosse: Yes it is.

How did you get involved in the remix for “Love is Bigger”? When were you first approached? How did the band hear about you?

VibePosse: My remix management team at Citrusonic Los Angeles worked their magic, but ultimately the band made the approval. 

Did you get both the vocals and the instrument stems for your mix?

VibePosse: I only received the vocals – which I have always preferred because it allows a remixer to take the track on as if it was an original with no influence from the original tracks sound or instrumentation.

What was the process for getting the mix approved? When did you know it would be released?

VibePosse: As you can imagine, it’s a fun waiting process. But the whole process was about 4 months.

Did you do multiple versions of the mix? Or was it just the one? If you did multiple mixes, why do you feel the one released stands out?

VibePosse: Just one version was worked on, but it was one that morphed a few times as far as the elements used and the energy behind it. The completed project turned out the OG mix and a dub version with very minimal use of the vocals.

Did what U2 gave you to start with work right from the start? Or did you have to put a lot of work into it to get to the final mix?

VibePosse: The vocals I received were perfect to work with. The only challenging part was selecting what to pick because when dealing with a tech house track, it’s not typical to have it filled with vocals as is in the pop world. 

Was any guidance given as to what sort of mix the band wanted?

VibePosse: No. And that was the nice part about this project. With the tech house and techno movement taking a leading edge in the electronic dance music world presently, it was a great surprise to be able to present the original take on this with no limitations. Just an understanding of how to bring together the pop world with the underground. 

Most releases are digital-only these days. U2 fans are always complaining about the death of the commercial single. Are you aware of any plans to do a physical release with these “Love is Bigger” remixes?

VibePosse: You never know! I’d love to have this on vinyl tho!

Have you seen the video released for “Love is Bigger Than Anything in its Way”? What are your thoughts on the video?

VibePosse: It’s amazing! Really took a chance to being an empowering music video with a message and not just another template ‘cool’ factor video.

If you had an opportunity to go back to U2’s entire catalog and remix any track which would you pick?

VibePosse: “Staring at the Sun” for sure. Their use of trippy electronic like sounds from the intro on really leaves the possibility open for some fun reworking.

If you had an opportunity to remix any current or past artist, do you have someone in mind you’d love to remix?

VibePosse: Carl Cox for the more Commercially “known” Underground Artist and…Camelphat – I’ve been a fan of theirs before the “Cola” explosion. 

What projects do you have coming up?

VibePosse: Presently working on a few originals prepping for release and finalizing a fresh reboot to my weekly radio show on @DashRadio, “TechnoLogic” which airs Saturday nights at Midnight and Wednesdays at 2pm

For more information about VibePosse, and their upcoming projects you can find information on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter. We also have some of our mixes on Soundcloud.

This is our fifth interview with the DJs and producers involved remixing “Love is Bigger Than Anything in its Way.” For the other interviews please see the links below:

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