Love is Bigger: Will Clarke Interview

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2018-05-16)

Will Clarke is a world renowned DJ based out of both the UK and USA. His remix of “Love is Bigger Than Anything in its Way” is the lead track on the recently released 3-track digital EP of remixes of that song. Prior to remixing “Love is Bigger,” Clarke was also approached to remix U2’s “Get Out of Your Own Way.” However, the band’s promotional plans changed, and the remix of that song was not released.

Clarke is currently touring his live DJ sets. He also runs his own radio show, The Barber Shop. And he has also created his own clothing line. U2Songs was happy to have a chance to interview Clarke and ask a few questions about the remix and how it all came about.

You are currently based in the UK?

Will: Yes I am from the UK but currently living between Bristol and Detroit in the USA.

How did you get your start as a DJ?

Will: I started when I was 9 years old as a hobby and decided to take it full time along with music production.

What was your first big remix?

Will: My first big remix was of an artist who is now a close friend of mine called Claude VonStroke. He signed me to his record label called Dirtybird back in 2014 and he asked me to remix one of his records.

What other artists have you remixed?

Will: Probably too many to list, however, the big ones are Rihanna, U2, MK, Becky Hill, Big Gigantic and the list goes on.

Did you approach U2 to work with them or did they approach you?

Will: No, this came via my management so I was originally asked through my team to do the remix.

We’ve seen that you’ve done a remix of “Get Out of Your Own Way” as well, was that submitted to the band for consideration for the last single?

Will: Haha, yes I’m impressed that you have found this remix. So when I first got asked to remix U2 I was sent the parts to “Get Out.“’ I completed the remix and everyone was super into it; however, U2’s team changed their mind on what needed being remixed so they gave me the parts to “Love Is Bigger.” I actually love both remixes if I’m honest so i play both of them in my sets

AUDIO: Will Clarke Remix of “Get Out of Your Own Way”

Are you a U2 fan? If so can you tell us a bit about what you like about U2 and maybe what your favorite songs are?

Will: Of course i am who isn’t haha. It was an absolute honour being asked to remix the band. If I’m totally honest its a tough call to name what is my favourite record is, however id have to say “Where the streets have no name.”

When did U2 reach out to you to work on this particular remix? How about the “Get Out of Your Own Way” remix if they approached you?

Will: Like i mentioned earlier on it came through my management although after i did the “Get Out” remix and then being asked to do the “Love Is Bigger” i only had 2 days to turn it in so it was a quick heads down in the studio.

How did you receive the stems? Was it just the vocals or did they send instruments as well?

Will: I got sent everything all vocals and instruments smile.

What was the process for the band approving the remix?

Will: Well first of all it went through their American team then to the UK team then to the band, honestly i didn’t even think the band was going to listen but when i was told Bono loved the remix it put a huge smile on my face…

Was it a challenging project?

Will: When you are working with such talented musicians its never really that hard everything is at the highest of quality and its just up to me to transform that in to something respectful to the original artists but also fitting in what i do as an artist.

Did what U2 give you to start with work right out of the box? Or did you have to put a lot of elbow grease into putting the mix together?

Will: As soon as i heard the vocal i knew what i was going to do with it, i did the remix in a day and did finishing touches the day after. It had to be a quick process due to deadlines so it made me work harder.

Did you do several versions of the Love is Bigger remix? If so, what made this one stand out? If you did other versions what can you tell us about them?

Will: I didn’t have the time to do any other versions i think the thing i changed the most was the mix down after it had been ok’d.

Most releases are digital only these days. U2 fans are always complaining about the death of the commercial single. Do you think we’ll ever see these remixes physically released?

Will: I would love this release to be put on vinyl it would mean the world to me however like you said in this day and age i honestly think it will just be digital.

Do you treat your remixes differently if you are remixing for a physical format like vinyl?

Will: No the remixes stay the same however the finishing of the record such as mix down and mastering may vary if its going on to vinyl as you can’t have the record as loud on a vinyl when cutting them.

Have you seen the video for “Love is Bigger”? What do you think?

Will: I absolutely love it, its a powerful video.

If you had an opportunity to go back to U2’s entire catalog and remix any track which would you pick?

Will: I’m happy with the two i have done if I’m honest, sometimes if i was to pick one of their classics it would be hard to do it justice.

What other projects do you have coming up?

Will: I have some original records being released, my latest on Dirtybird Records came out a couple of weeks ago called “Take A Seat.” I have a release on Sola Records coming up in the summer. Also I am starting my own record label called “Doing It Records.”

Do you work on your own music as well? What projects do you have coming up? Any chances there will be more U2 in your future?

Will: Yes I work on lots of original music often people can check all my music out on Spotify just type in Will Clarke and look for the bearded dude… On instagram I’m djwillclarke, on Twitter I’m djwillclarke and on Facebook I’m willclarkedj. All of my tour dates are at Also i run a clothing brand called Doing It For The Cuddles which you can check out at

Interested in hearing Will Clarke’s version of “Love is Bigger Than Anything in Its Way”? Take a listen below:

VIDEO: Will Clarke’s remix of “Love is Bigger Than Anything in Its Way

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