We are all facing enormous uncertainty right now. These days we can't go out and do the things we normally would. So what can we do? Bono suggested we let our love be known in a new song, "Let Your Love Be Known".

It's because we are all U2 fans that we are here. I think it is safe to say we love U2. So we'd like to suggest showing the world our love for U2.

We want to see photos of your love for U2. Share a photo on social media that you've taken yourself. Write out your favourite lyrics and take a photo. Share a piece of art you've created that ties into U2. Share a photo of something special from your collection. Share a photo of the band you have taken. Share what makes you love U2.

Tag the photo #LoveU2 on Twitter, and we'll start to display some of the images shared there on the page here.

Not everyone will be interested in participating, and we understand not everyone may have U2 on the brain. But hoping to give those who want a spot to let their love be known, an outlet to do so.

We hope you are safe wherever you are.


And I can’t reach
But I can ring
You can’t touch.
But you can, you can sing.
Across rooftops

You can see some of the shared images to the right on this page, and you can see more on Twitter by searching for the hashtag #LoveU2. We want to extend our thanks for the photos shared to date. It's always a pleasure to see what makes our fellow fans have a smile.

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2024-05-15: New Release: Please Remastered

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2024-05-13: Rumour: New Live EP in June

Please Note: This story deals with a project that has not officially been announced, and until it has, we will mark any information pertaining to this release as a rumour. However, we have heard...

2024-05-01: New Release: Last Night on Earth Remastered

The third single from Pop to be remastered will be “Last Night on Earth”. Starting Friday, May 3, “Last Night on Earth” will be available on digital store fronts and streaming services.


2024-04-24: Thief of Your Heart Hits Streaming

As record labels move towards getting more back catalogs onto streaming services, there was a U2 related release on the weekend that slipped by us. The single “You Made Me the Thief of Your...

2024-04-22: U2UV Worldwide Broadcasts

Airings of U2’s final performance at Sphere have started on FM Radio stations worldwide after a month long exclusivity period on SiriusXM. We’ve been keeping an eye on these airings, which have...

2024-04-18: “Staring at the Sun” Next to be Remastered

The next single in the 12-part series of single reissues in 2024 will be “Staring at the Sun”. It will be available in digital streaming services and online shops on Friday, April 19. The single...

2024-04-17: Questions about the Sphere Broadcast and RSD 2024

U2’s final night at Sphere is being streamed across various stations in the week to come. The special airing of the 2-hour concert is being tied into Record Store Day which falls on April 20....

2024-04-05: To Love and Only Love: 2024 Singles Refresh

U2 have announced that they will remaster 12 singles this year, starting with today’s release of “Discotheque”. The project is being called “U2 To Love and Only Love – Deep Dives and B-Sides”....

2024-04-04: Discothèque Remastered in 2024

Update: 2024-04-05:

It appears the 12-Inch version of “Discothèque” is on the release, under the title “Discothèque” (Single Version), and it is the “Discothèque” (5:19) version featured on...

2024-03-24: Crystal Ballroom: What’s Next?

It’s been a week since the debut of U2’s broadcast of their final show at Sphere on U2 X-Radio. For those wanting to listen, if you are a SiriusXM subscriber, the show has been airing live once...

2024-03-17: Sphere on U2 X-Radio

The interview with Pauli the PSM and Gavin Friday started at 7pm Eastern. It featured Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Bram van den Berg speaking about the shows for an hour program. Mixed in...

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