We are all facing enormous uncertainty right now. These days we can't go out and do the things we normally would. So what can we do? Bono suggested we let our love be known in a new song, "Let Your Love Be Known".

It's because we are all U2 fans that we are here. I think it is safe to say we love U2. So we'd like to suggest showing the world our love for U2.

We want to see photos of your love for U2. Share a photo on social media that you've taken yourself. Write out your favourite lyrics and take a photo. Share a piece of art you've created that ties into U2. Share a photo of something special from your collection. Share a photo of the band you have taken. Share what makes you love U2.

Tag the photo #LoveU2 on Twitter, and we'll start to display some of the images shared there on the page here.

Not everyone will be interested in participating, and we understand not everyone may have U2 on the brain. But hoping to give those who want a spot to let their love be known, an outlet to do so.

We hope you are safe wherever you are.


And I can’t reach
But I can ring
You can’t touch.
But you can, you can sing.
Across rooftops

You can see some of the shared images to the right on this page, and you can see more on Twitter by searching for the hashtag #LoveU2. We want to extend our thanks for the photos shared to date. It's always a pleasure to see what makes our fellow fans have a smile.

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