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Original story ( by Aaron J. Sams (2014-09-23)

There was a barrage of promo interviews done over the last week around the world with various media outlets. We’ve tried to keep them straight for you – but let us know if we are missing any:
Radio Cidade, Brazil: Bono interviewed
Absolute Radio, London UK: Bono interviews with Christian O’Connell
Radio FFN, Hannover Germany: Edge interviews with Julia Bamberg
KFOG 104.5 San Francisco: Bono interviews with Renee
KINK FM, Portland Oregon, USA (Bono interviews with Shiela and Marconi)
•Radio Koeln, Germany: Bono interviews with Katharina te Uhle (No current known download link)
CHOM 97.7 Radio, Montreal, Canada: Adam interviews with Terry Dimonte
Edge 102.1 Radio Interview, Toronto, Canada: Bono interviews with Alan Cross
Perros de la Calle Interview, Argentina: Adam Clayton
KROQ Radio, Los Angeles, USA: Bono interviewed on Kevin and Bean show
SWR3 Radio, Germany: Bono interviewed on morning show
KITS 105.3 Radio, San Francisco, USA: Bono intereviewed by Kevin Klein
WXRT 93 Radio, Chicago, USA: Bono interviewed by Marty Lennartz
BBC Radio 2, London UK: Bono interviewed by Jo Whiley
The End 107.7, Seattle, USA: Bono interviewed by Gregr
KBCO-FM 97.3 Morning Show, Denver, USA: Bono interviewed by Bret Saunders
•Sunday: RTE2, Dublin Ireland (Bono with Dave Fanning)
TIME Magazine has posted some video interviews and the band will be on the next international cover

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