More Filming as U2 Visits São Paulo

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2017-10-20)

U2 is currently in São Paulo for four concerts, the first of which was held last night. The band has also been making some stops and doing some filming. According to O Estado de São Paulo the band has been seen filming in two locations in the city.

The first location planned was the top of the Italy Building (Edifício Itália) on Wednesday, October 18. This filming was for TV Globo’s Fantástico and the performance is expected to air on Sunday. The article said that plans were changed at the last minute and the filming took place at the TV Globo building south of the city, on a heliport on the roof of the building.

Footage of that performance has appeared on the Internet, set to the music of “Vertigo”.

At least one of the songs performed by U2 during that video shoot was an acoustic version of “Vertigo” and portions of that performance can be seen on in a preview for the episode.

Today, the band was once again seen on a roof of a building in São Paulo. This time they took to the roof of the Copan building in downtown São Paulo this afternoon. The recording session on the roof was quick and the band did not stay for long, leaving for lunch after the shoot. During the filming session Bono was seen to be holding his green Gretsch guitar, leading to speculation that we may see him play in the video. Again, the song they performed is not known.

When the band visited Mexico earlier this month, they were seen shooting a video on the rooftop in Mexico City. That video shoot was for a new single “Get Out of Your Own Way” which is expected to be the next single to be released from U2’s upcoming album, Songs of Experience. That song we are told will be released next week, when the full announcement of the album happens.

(Thank you André Joe!)

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