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Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2022-11-15)

Announced yesterday, Walmart in the US is carrying an exclusive set of Funko figures featuring all four members of U2 as well as a Zoo TV stage. The set is part of the Funko Pop! Moments Deluxe Collection. The set is a Black Friday exclusive, however, online orders have started for the set, and some are even starting to receive the set already. It is one of five sets available on Black Friday through Walmart, along with sets featuring AC/DC, Run DMC, Metallica and Kiss.

To date there have been the following items released from Funko featuring U2.

Funko Pop! Rides
Bono with Achtung Baby Car
Includes a unique figure of Bono, not removable from Trabant.
Item Number: 64031

Funko Pop! Rocks
Item Number: 64032

Funko Pop! Rocks
Item Number: 64033

Funko Pop! Rocks
The Edge
Item Number: 64034

Funko Pop! Rocks
Item Number: 64035

Funko Pop! Rocks 4-Pack
Adam / Bono / The Edge / Larry
Small box. Same designs as the individually boxed figures.
Exclusive to Walmart in the US, exclusive to Funko in Europe
Item Number: 64688

Funko Pop! Moment Deluxe
U2 Zoo TV Tour 1993
Larger box with Zoo TV stage. 2022 Walmart exclusive in the US. Features all four band members in different poses than individually boxed figures. (Adam is shirtless, Larry has drum sticks raised and a wider stance, Bono is without mic stand, Edge has different details on pants and different stance)

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