More on Bono’s Autobiography

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2020-10-11)

Paul McGuinness, former manager of U2 has been interviewed in The Sunday Times in the UK. Most of the interview is in regards to Paul’s current projects including the television show Riviera but of course U2 does come up in the conversation. A second piece, goes into more detail about Bono’s past telling of his story via books such as U2 by U2 and Michka Assayas’ Bono on Bono.

In The Sunday Times, McGuinness reveals that the deal for Bono’s memoirs was negotiated a few years ago and was originally scheduled to be completed in 2019. Paul was involved in the deal for the book. However, he confirms what we told you back in a few weeks back, the book is back with Bono and he continues to work on it. McGuinness says that he has no desire to write his own autobiography, and that he is interested to read Bono’s.

The book is being written by Bono without help of a writer. The book is due to be published at Penguin, a division of Random House.

The remainder of the interview (behind the paywall) with McGuinness includes discussion of his film and television projects, as well as how he has been spending the lock down, and how COVID-19 has devastated the live music industry.

What we know about the autobiography?

  • The deal was secured in 2017
  • It was offered to a small number of publishers, and Penguin is going to be handling it
  • It was originally planned for mid-2019
  • Both Salman Rushdie and Elton John have mentioned Bono working on the autobiography

We initially wrote about the autobiography in January 2020. Although that was prior to the COVID-19 shut downs, and timelines for any of those projects may have changed.

Another look back on U2’s earlier days is coming via “The Cedarwood Chronicles” by Gavin Friday, currently airing on U2 X-Radio for Sirius XM subscribers. That performance piece is a year by year look at life on Cedarwood Road, performed by Gavin Friday. The interviewer is Eoin Devereux, heard asking questions about the time period which Friday answers. The first episode covered 1972 on Cedarwood Road.

For those who can’t wait on Bono’s autobiography, there are a number of books coming out in the near future which may interest, which includes a biography of Bono by Travis Trasher, titled Bono: From the Sheer Face of Love which will be published in February 2021.

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