New Commercial Release for U2’s “Love is Bigger” and “Summer of Love” Remix

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2018-07-17)

UPDATE: Please see our new interview with Rusty Egan, one of the producers who remixed this release, as well as further information about the new single release, now available in many regions.

On Friday, a new EP of remixes for “Love is Bigger Than Anything in its Way” is being released commercially. Although there has been a number of promotional remixes issued for the song, now totalling over 40 remixes, there has been very little issued commercially. On May 4, a three track remixes single was issued with remixes by Will Clarke, The Funk Hunters and Daybreakers. On May 11, an acoustic version of the song was released. On May 25, the U2 vs Cheat Codes version was released. And on June 1, the Beck Remix was released.

The EP being released on Friday is being called the “Chill Remix EP” and will feature a number of new mixes by DJs Rusty Egan and HP Hoeger. The full EP will contain an unknown number of tracks, but for promotion on July 13, 2018, four versions of the song remixed by Hoeger and Egan were released:

IMAGE: Promotional Image for New Release of “Love is Bigger Than Anything in its Way”

“Chill” generally refers to a slower type remix from your usual club mixes, usually an electronic music form of easy listening, something more ambient. These mixes by Hoeger and Egan put the focus on Bono’s vocals, with minimal backing music on all three tracks.

A new promotional image has been released by Citrusonic promoting these mixes, featuring the silhouettes of Sian and Eli, with a sun set image in the image. This may not be the final release artwork. The promotional mixes were sent out with the same ‘digital art’ that accompanied the earlier release of three remixes in May.

Rusty Egan is a well accomplished DJ, who got his start in the British new wave era, drumming with Rich Kids, a band fronted by Midge Ure. Egan also collaborated with the bands The Misfits, Skids, Shock and Visage. (Skids recorded the original version of “The Saints Are Coming” but Egan did not work on that track, joining them as a drummer for their second studio album.) As well as his work with various bands of the era, Egan was a DJ at Blitz, an influential nightclub in London, and owned The Cage, a record store on London’s King’s Road, and later would open Camden Palace, another nightclub in London. These days Egan is still very involved as a DJ, he tends to focus on 1980s style electronic music and also produces a weekly show “The Electronic Family Tree”.

HP Hoeger is an Austrian DJ, working in the DJ since the early 2000s. In that time he has remixed tracks for a number of compilations including the “Alpine Grooves” collection and the “Cafe del Mar” collections. Hoeger and Egan have previously worked together on a remix by Kid Moxie (“Shadow Heart”), KirA (“Pure Delight”), and Cult With No Name (“Unique”).

The remixes were completed in April by Egan and Hoeger at Ambient Studios in Austria.

The full EP will be released on Friday July 20, 2018 on all streaming services, and usual digital storefronts. There is no physical release planned at this time for these remixes, either commercially or for promotion. These will be available worldwide. The full track listing has not been announced.

Hoeger and Egan also worked on a remix of “Summer of Love” together. Egan recently played this mix as part of a mix titled “Welcome to the Beach”. It is not known if this mix of “Summer of Love” will be released, but Egan seems to think so, saying it would be available soon. The “Summer of Love” mix can be heard online at Mixcloud, it starts at 03:00 in the following embed:

More information about these releases can be found in our discography entry for the singles, and for the promotional releases. The “Love is Bigger Than Anything in its Way” remixes have propelled the single into the #2 spot in the Dance Club Charts on Billboard. Hopefully this additional push will help the song reach #1 this week on this chart.

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