New U2 EP featuring Indian DJs

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2019-11-21)

As well as the news that U2 will release a new single with AR Rahman titled “Ahimsa“ at midnight on November 22, we have further news of another upcoming U2 release. We have all of the information about “Ahimsa” listed in our U2 discography (it’s out in most countries now!), but facts about the new EP are limited.

Our sources at Universal have confirmed for us that a five track EP will be published in the upcoming weeks. The EP release will be a digital release and will feature “Ahimsa” as well as four other songs out of the U2 catalog. All four of the songs will be previously released U2 songs, but each will be presented in a new light for this EP. All four songs have been remixed by local Indian DJs for inclusion on the EP.

The final mixes for this project are still being chosen and the track list is not set yet, however we are told that the focus will be on more recent tracks in the U2 catalog.

The EP will be released in time for U2’s appearance in Mumbai to finish their Joshua Tree Tour 2019. The EP will be released to digital sales and will be available on streaming sites. At this time no plans of a physical release of the EP, nor of the single “Ahimsa” have been discussed with us.

The release date of the EP is expected to be early December. When we get more information about the name of the collection, and the songs included, we will share that information.

“Ahimsa” is also being sent to radio tomorrow, and will be delivered as a digital promo. Radio stations in Australia, through out Europe and in India are already playing the song.

Of the song, The Edge spoke about the song, “It was an absolute joy to work with AR Rahman, a superstar and an impressive, and generous talent. We are all particularly excited to visit his homeland in a few weeks. India has been on our wish list for a long time. The principles of ahimsa or non-violence have always represented us, and have been an important pillar for us since we met. We look forward to experiencing India’s culture first hand, a place that unites the modern and the ancient together.”

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