Oh Mother, U2 Start a Dance Label

Jam Showbiz! by Richard John (1998-11-14)

Some bands just don’t quit. Not even two weeks after releasing a greatest hits album, U2 were found launching a new record label last night in Dublin, reports the NME.

The label, Kitchen Recordings, was launched appropriately enough at The Kitchen, a club owned by the band in the basement of The Clarence Hotel in an area of Dublin known as the Temple Bar district.

Two of the label’s acts – Rob Rowland and Basic – performed live sets. Rowland’s ‘Ground Zero’ will be the label’s debut release.

U2 are taking a hands-off approach with the label. Instead, long time friend Reggie Manuel will run the label with help and assistance from Howie B.

“Myself and BONO are hoping that the club is gonna keep us tuned into what’s happening in our dotage,” THE EDGE told NME. “We won’t have to worry about keeping our finger on the pulse. So rather than us feeling that we’re going
to change the world of dance music, we’re happy just to let Reg do it. We’re gonna listen to tapes and be involved, but really it’s his baby.”

When asked about the label’s impression on Ireland’s youth culture, Bono told NME, “I’m not sure if Irish people can dance.”

This isn’t the first vanity label for the band. In the mid-80s they formed Mother Records. The Mother stable featured Irish band Hothouse Flowers.

Details on the distribution deals outside of Ireland for Kitchen were not disclosed.

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